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Cartoon: Ghost of evil past


What evil is conjured up by the Planned Parenthood Baby Parts R Us revelations? Check out the latest Branco Toon and share with your friends.


  • Swed.

    Margaret Sanger was a eugenics supporter that hated Black people, her goal was the reduction or removal of most Blacks from America. Seems she is still at it.

    • Standandfight

      Never herd of her when was this?

      • Swed.
        • Standandfight

          Man even the Jews don’t dwell in the past like that and they were for more persecuted than any black ever was.

          • Swed.

            Well, She hated Blacks and wanted them wiped out of America.
            Founded Planned Parenthood to accomplish that task.
            Pity Blacks are too willing to slaughter future generations out of stupidity.

          • Standandfight

            The sight sites you gave me were typical of all the days of old wrongs that were done. And it is all the whites fault every time. They are far from the worst treated race in history. It’s time to get of the petty pot and do better for yourself and your race.

          • Swed.

            WTF are you babbling about, Planned Parent Hood is a a major corporation.
            Dr Gosnell killed thousands of Black babies and is now in prison.
            Catch up.

          • Bud Luzier

            “She hated Blacks and wanted them wiped out of America”
            You put forth this statement but you don’t bother to support it with facts. Did she really hate and was annihilation of the black race in America really her goal? If you can’t backup your statements, you should say it is your opinion. I myself have never heard of this person but I will research her and her organization so that I might speak intelligently on the subject.

          • Swed.
          • Franie

            It’s a bonafide fact. Please do research Margaret Sanger. Shame on her, her family, Hilary Clinton and Nancy Pelosi. May they repent of their collective sin against humanity! before their demise.

          • Haven’t you heard from our beloved Muslim leader? “My personal salvation depends on our collective salvation.” In other words, we have no personal salvation that we create on our own, only his that we have to fall in step with his to make his salvation come true. Sick if you ask me.

          • Bud Luzier

            Thank you one and all for the web sites you have suggested.

          • I have and Bud is perfectly correct. She saw a majority of the population having more children than the white population and saw it as a danger to this country. I own The Editing Chair: An Established Research Company. Margaret Sanger would have made a willing partner for Nazis and their experimentation. She is revered by Supreme Court Justice Ginsberg, and as a Jew she should know her history a little bit better. But I do not see Sanger giving the human body parts away, but if she were alive, she would have sanctioned it. These are evil people in step with the evil times we are going through and I for one do not want to pay for others national sins and certainly do not want their condemnation on my head.

      • Franie


        • Standandfight

          Thank you Mrs. Brandon.

          • Franie

            Mrs. Brandon?

          • Standandfight

            My fourth grade English teacher.

  • Rosita_Asano

    What is so sad? The people who Margaret Sanger, the founder of Planned Parenthood wanted to exterminate are praising Planned Parenthood for the good work they are doing. Hilliary Rodman Clinton and Nancy Pelosi received the Margaret Sanger award. Hilliary Rodman Clinton praised Margaret Sanger, the eugenicist, saying:”I admired Margaret Sanger enormously for her courage, her tenacity and her vision”. Yea, her vision? Yea Hilliary exterminating the black race. Margaret Sanger was a featured speaker of a KKK national gathering. Her vision was exactly like Adolf Hitler’s vision getting rid of all Jews. Margaret Sanger was different in her way to exterminate. Do it before they are born. Hilliary Rodman Clinton though knows it doesn’t matter if she herself is a eugenicist, because black voters don’t care about her admiration of the racist Margaret Sanger. I QUIT. IT’S MAKING ME MADDER AND MADDER JUST THINKING ABOUT THE IRONY.

  • cccarr

    The point is that women like Clinton and Pelosi admire and praise sanger knowing her mission and background. Sanger may be old news according to one commenter but Clinton and Pelosi are not. Planned Parenthood, and what a misnomer that name is, has morphed into an arrogant and evil organization. All of their admirers can fund them not tax payers. Hopefully fewer and fewer women will show up atvther doors and those doors will eventually close!

  • What have they accomplished? And even if they did fall upon some “cure” they couldn’t say where they got it from. All they are doing are experimenting to satisfy their pathological, sadistic souls.The cries of these babies to be avenged will not long cry in the ears of our creator who said, “I knew you before you were in your mother’s womb”(Jeremiah, Holy Bible). There is no such thing as a fetus, just a baby the moment that heart begins to pump. If the mother’s could see the sonogram for 30 minutes, we have seen, that 98% of them would not go through it. And those who have cannot put off the guilt that eventually and naturally sets in. This is historic national sins on a grand scale, the holocaust of our future generation. I do not want to pay a debt to my Lord for the sins of others. This is a majority now that would see Planned Parenthood out of our lives and our nation. Social issues have no place in the Supreme Court, but the second time they have just done it again with traditional marriage and have inserted words that are not in our Constitution. The Supreme Court INTERPRETS the Constitution, it does not and has never supposed to make social issues law by 9 unelected men and women whose ideologies definitely played out in this decision. Even the founders, I believe it was Jefferson, said that the Supreme Court could become a dangerous tool for a tyrant.Any boy did he hit the nail on the hammer.

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