Barack Obama, The White House

Cartoon: Finally!


It was OK for Obama to ignore Kate Steinle so why is Chattanooga any different? Check out the latest Branco Toon and share with your friends.



  • Tony

    YA!, send them to Guantanamo!!

    • jeannemartin

      Can’t! Obama is closing it!!!

      • Tony

        Everyone knows he’s trying, screw obama!

        • Plum-Puddin’ Cake Frank

          If we wait long enough we’ll find the UN is in our future lawmaking……………just listen to “Uncle Joe” when he said the UN is more relevant than our US Congress? (I hope it’s the right quote….wouldn’t want to be imperfect before a Liberal audience) I feel and understand that Russia and China are in cahoots now so we better be doing what will please them , LOL! Our best bet now is to Pray that God doesn’t destroy the righteous along with the Wicked!
          Afterthought: And…………….Pray for Israel’s Peace and Safety since the appeasement of the will of IRAN!!!

      • Dale Putnam

        Great.. put him in it.. lock the door.. then close it. No problem.

  • Joe

    Congress went on vacation in 2009 for six years

    • Dale Putnam

      and they are still on vacation… don’t plan on them coming back either… so.. .. why are we paying them?

  • duco boon

    What a wonderful leader.

  • practicedcynic

    O proves everyday, that he and his supporters are ASSes

  • Lizard

    Placing Muslim in white house for president was big mistake

    • Frank Guinn

      I have been trying to tell people for years that I watched him say this on a special about him being the first Muslim ever voted into Congress back before he ever run for Pres. Are we the only ones that had the brain damage to watch that dribble? I think so…………..everybody voted him in office without any knowledge where he came from. Most people don’t even know that he “wrote” 2 Books and both were praising his Father! His mother was pure WHITE!!!! I think we’ve become a country of knee-jerk re-activists!

      • Lizard

        Thank you Frank.. If person only has half brain and looks what Obama is doing and laws he and congress are passing in long run they will take america down nice and slow then every one that thought Obama was for america will get piece of pie that is not going to be so good // Also as far as i am concerned anyone that tries to take away our guns can not be true americans /// Hope you have great day Frank and wish best luck to you in years to come

      • “Everybody” didn’t vote for him. Most likely the voting process was usurped from the people long ago. The “New World Order” has been in control of our lives for some time. The only thing that will change, or insure the continuation of that illegal un-American action is civil war, as provided for in the Declaration of Independence.

        • Plum-Puddin’ Cake Frank

          But……….can we sustain a long fought civil war against those who have drunk the kool-ade of dribble spit from this elitist/muslim brotherhood licking/anti-AMERICA and anti-Semite kinda guy? I hope it never comes to it, but I’ve been talking to some people who “think” they are “liberals”, but instead are just leftist’s without a clue. They will NOT budge as long as he is called a “Democrat” and is “Black” and spouts out lies that he believes/knows to be necessary for his furthering a radical and highly violent religion!
          Hope I didn’t hurt anyone’s feelings, but if I did, read the history book on this guy and come back with a better description of his person, OK?


    This was done only after conclusive proof appeared that Abdelazeez was a mohammedan fanatic committing a terrorist act. The regime lowered the flag to honor a fallen jihadi and not the five murdered Marines. Like the young lady in San Francisco, native-born English-speaking Caucasians slaughtered by terrorists are for our quisling government just collateral damage in the fundamental transformation of the country.

    • ctroop

      That is only partly correct … they will also use these tragedies to promote the disarming of ALL American citizens. They even jumped on the “gun control” rhetoric after the young lady was killed in San Francisco … by a multi-offense illegal Mexican criminal … who STOLE the handgun from an agent of the Federal Government ! ! !

    • Jarhead

      Miles – bet 90% of American’s don’t even know who Vidkun Abraham Quisling was or what he did?

  • Once upon a time, in a land all around us, their were heroes who would stand up for their country and freedom. Where have all the heroes gone? Certainly not to Congress!

    • ctroop

      Like it or not, believe it or not … we HAVE a patriot who is becoming a more and more viable candidate for president … the only one of them who is not afraid to speak the pure unvarnished truth … no matter who … or how many liberal ass-kissers he might offend … who, by the way, are the ONLY ones offended by the rhetoric of Donald Trump.

      • As true as that is, there is some fault to be found in Te Donald. Not only has he made campaign contributions to the likes of Killary Rotton Clinton and Nanny Piglosi, he has also instigated governments to exercise the practice of eminent domain to seize private property from citizens to advance his own fortune. IMHO, a delinquent child may mature to become a responsible citizen. But, a man who practices thievery in adulthood is and will be a thief.

        • ctroop

          In my young adulthood I was a staunch, pro-labor (read unions), cardio-hemophiliac, democrat.

          I didn’t turn conservative until about my mid-forties (I am now 73) when I pulled my head out of a deep, dark nasty place and (like Reagan) realized that the democrat party had totally left me. So I changed my mind!

          As for eminent domain, all I can say is that there is not a real estate developer in the country that doesn’t use it … right along with city, county, state and federal government entities.

          I also consider eminent domain to be nothing less than legal thievery … so also is the unfettered IRS.

          In short, my opinion is that eminent domain is something that should NEVER be an option for ANY private entities, and even the government should have to (1) PROVE that eminent domain is truly for the “public good,” AND (2) that the property owner be paid WHAT HE WANTS for the property! Supply and Demand … right?

          Of course, we all know that will never happen.

          So, which “republican” would you like to see get the GOP nomination?

          Other than Ted Cruz, and possibly Bobby Jindal, is there a “republican” candidate who ISN’T in favor of “comprehensive immigration” (read, amnesty)?

          Is there a republican candidate who ISN’T willing to cave-in to the liberal gun-phobic morons and violate the 2nd amendment “just a little bit more?”

          Is there a republican candidate who ISN’T under the sheets with the democrats?

          I was once a member in good standing with the UAW and an officer with the IAM … and a very loud and outspoken one at that. But as I was going to college as an engineering major, one day I was invited into the ranks of management and I made a life-changing decision.

          Many people in this country do not hold to the same social and political (and even religious) values they embraced as adolescents and young adults.

          So, I have my own reasons for not being as much concerned with whatever Trump might have done in the past as I am with what he is doing and saying now.

          • Must agree with most everything you said. I never joined a union. Watched what one did to my dad and how they caused prices to constantly rise. I’m near 68 years old and agree that Trump has made some very good points concerning immigration. Points a blind person can see. But his recent comment re: A third Party run for POTUS, would be a gimme to the Democrap candidate. I question the validity of my vote as it is, but would certainly not throw it away on a spoiler. He talks the talk. But, can he walk the walk? As far as I can see, it’s Cruz or lose. No. America and Americans are not what it and they used to be and perhaps never was or were. But I would like a person in the WH who thinks they know how to make it what it was meant to be and would put a stop to the social “engineering” which has brought us to the fine mess in which we now find ourselves.

          • Allen

            Throw your vote away on a spoiler. Never understood that philosophy. The lesser of two evil’s is still evil or haven’t the Bush’s taught us anything.

            Bill Clinton was the most conservative President since Reagan. Got better policy under him than Bush. Remember we stopped socialized medicine under Clinton but Bush gave us a whole new entitlement (the holy grail for the Left).

            If you want to tip the scale, don’t stay in the middle. Come out to the edges, there is more leverage there.

          • If the scale is tipped toward the worse of the two evils, there are no winners. It would be easier and wiser for a third party patriot to take over the Republican Party from within, as the Communists have taken over the Democrat Party. And to some degree, the Republican Party. I would never give a Clinton credit for achieving any good for America. As Obama, they are worthy of the gallows. And as I have stated, Trump has demonstrated poor judgement in his previous support of the Clintons and Pelosi. Would be interesting to learn who else he has helped fund.

          • Allen

            Reagan supported FDR who inflicted more socialism on America than anyone ever. We are still paying the price for that dictators’ crap.

          • I cannot concur. LBJ takes the Booby Prize in that event. And Barack Hussein Obama/ Barry Soetero, will strip him of it.

          • Allen

   — The President who issued this is the closest to dictator ever

          • Any president who uses executive orders and bureaucratic policy to bypass Congress, the courts and the will of the people is a dictator. Yes FDR was such. But BHO is a larger threat to freedom. And he is allowed to rule today.

  • jngtelco

    It would seem “White American Lives” don’t matter. Especially our Military!

  • Richard Bagenstose

    oboma finaly had enough so he said to himself i’ll fix them so he lowered the flag to honor the islamic idiot that they finaly killed , he didn’t lower it for the marines

  • azsequaya

    America !!!!!

  • Ibcamn

    and ain’t it the truth……….?

  • Standandfight

    I would be happy until that POS is gone for ever lowering the flag doesn’t help him at all.

    • Jarhead

      Correcto – but he got his message out loud & clear = “Piss on all Americans”!

  • Dudley DoRight.

    Like Hitler, Obama advocates using murder as a means of population control. Obama is a staunch supporter and advocate of infanticide.


    • Jarhead

      The VA is on board with their DEATH BY DELAY PROGRAMS.

      • Dudley DoRight.

        You know that, I know that, but his mesmerized followers thinks his crap don’t stink.

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