Trumpmania may scare establishment into fighting for limited government


July is supposed to be a relatively quiet time in Washington, D.C., but alas not this year.

Trumpmania has struck the Capitol, but not the good kind. Political operatives and pundits are running around town like their hair is on fire trying to get in front of each other attacking the real estate magnate. What they apparently are too myopic to understand is that every time a Washington, D.C. know-it-all attacks Trump, he goes up in the polls.

Memo to D.C., when you read polls that say that people hate politicians, believe them. People, particularly those who have been Republican voters in the past, have had enough of being played for fools by the political class. People really don’t like or trust you. Now, they tolerate their existing Member of Congress the way a new dog owner accept that a puppy is going to mess on the floor, but

Anyone who doesn’t understand that basic truth should have their consultant card revoked.Trump-Punch-600-LA

When you run for office again and again promising that you are going to repeal Obamacare, yet you never really planned on taking the hard but necessary steps to do it, people are going to feel betrayed.

When you run for office saying you are going to fight tooth and nail against Obama’s executive amnesty, and then cave in when the President shockingly threatens a veto, don’t expect the people you convinced to give you one more chance not to turn away in disgust.

And when you run promising to rein in Obama and then make giving him “an enormous grant of power” through fast track trade authority, the people who believed you get even more incensed.

So yes, believe the polls that say the people don’t just dislike politicians in D.C., but in fact find them to be loathsome.

Donald Trump may be a lot of things, but one thing he is not is a fool.

When a wannabe Presidential candidate attacks him, he will hit them back harder and in a much more personal way, and the public will cheer, because Trump is their proxy, punching the D.C. establishment that has broken faith with the voters in its collective nose.

How can the Republican establishment class win back the voters?

Pick some big important fights with Obama and legitimately fight them to win. Be unrelenting in your attacks on Obama’s out of control EPA, Iran nuke deal, Internet giveaway, and HUD regulation that threatens to put low-income housing into suburban neighborhoods because Obama thinks they look too white on the census map. Defund these and dozens of other programs and regulations that Obama is using to fundamentally transform the country. But not only fight, win some of these important issues to show it isn’t all just a play acting fraud perpetrated on the nation.

If the Republicans in Congress and by inference the Republican establishment as a whole gets the public rooting for them to win again, it will do wonders to restore faith in our system of government and those who are stewards over it.

If it takes a brash New Yorker to shake up D.C. enough to get them to fight for their survival, then The Donald will have made a huge difference without a ballot ever having been cast.

This is a guest post by Rick Manning president of Americans for Limited Government.


  • Dudley DoRight.

    Trump for president 2016.
    0bama for prison 2016.

    • plum82

      YEA ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

  • Jimdar

    We need someone new. Presently we have the Demarcats and the Cave in to anything party. A vacant building will be better.

  • scarlettny

    Excellent write up. To bad the Republicans running for President don’t get it. Perry your losing because of your dislike for Trump and your mouth running against him. We don’t care what you think of Trump, we care about Ovomit Care, immigration, Iran, etc. Why don’t you talk about those subjects and what you would do to make it better? And all you others running for President DO SOMETHING, that is good for this country. If we wanted a for show only we could watch tv. We want to see you stand up for your constituents with the truth of what is really going on.

  • Dantes

    So right. You should send this over to National Review, dare them to cross post it. Nah, they are with the GOPe.

  • jonascord

    I realize it’s profitable to claim that politics is so complex that only a select few can understand it. Let me simplify: Anyone who runs for office is a sociopathic thief. Filing for an election is an open admission that they should be indicted.
    Simple solution: Anyone who so much as signs off on a road repair and hires his fellow councilman’s brother in law has placed himself outside the protections of the Constitution. It should take him three weeks to die, screaming, in front of the county court house. Along with his parents, siblings, wife, children, aunts, uncles and first cousins. Include dogs, cats livestock, burn down his house and blackline any mention of his name back to his birth in all public records.
    You would only have to do this a once a year, (More in Democrat districts.), and we would either get more honest public servants, or WAY more clever thieves and murderers.
    Nothing personal, Sonny. It’s strictly business.

    • plum82

      HEY, put it up for vote ~~~~~~~~

  • jonascord

    One thing. I would like to know, from ANYONE who supports illegal immigration: What Federal laws may I, as a native born citizen, break, shatter, with absolute forgiveness? It’s only fair.
    Hint to the Republican Central Committee: Catch a clue.

  • ewasonable

    Only Donald Trump can save this country from the evil control of the billionaires that dictate to Obama and the Democratic National Committee.

  • Franie

    Apparently, Donald Trump is the ONLY candidate who has any semblance of a backbone, with the exception of Carly Fiorina. The likes of Linsey Graham, Rick Perry, and the other candidates who lambast Trump, ought to take a real good look and lesson from him in how to woo the public. No, instead they degrade and denigrate Trump thinking they actually have the upper hand. WRONG! I want to see Trump vocalize what We the People are seriously upset about. He’s a REAL LEADER and a very successful one at that, though he is very flamboyant in his presence.

    You know, I had at one time, admired Rick Perry. No more. He came off as a spoiled brat and a real loser with his tirade against Trump. Apparently, he has untold inadequacies that just don’t stand up. Not good for a POTUS.

    Lindsey Graham has been nothing but unreliable as someone who you can actually place your trust in. I don’t trust him, no, not at all. He too, showed his backside like Rick Perry.

    John McCain may be a war hero, but he is not a hero as a senator. I distrust him immensely. That stripe down his back is constantly slapping me with the reality that McCain cares more for getting along than going it alone. Living his senate life on the Left is no way for a senator from the Right to live!

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