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Cartoon – Fight Club


Whose hands are tied by the Iran nuke deal? Check out the latest Branco Toon and share with your friends.


  • Dudley DoRight.


    • Frank W Brown

      I second that emotion!

      • bobtherebuilder

        I WANT that bumper sticker…LMAO!!

  • Michael Allison

    John Kerry should go back to Heinz and leave the Iran deal bottled in trash.

  • Ibcamn

    everything kerry touches is corrupt..from the backroom deals that he made after Vietnam(to stop the looking for POW’s and MIA’s)w/mccains help,the UN arms treaty crap,to this grand bullshit scam to have us run security(and no doubt pay for)on this nuke deal,which he acts like is a great deal(YES,FOR IRAN AND THE RAGHEADS)f**k all these liberal assclowns!doing their will,not the will of the people of this country!

  • ABBAsFernando

    Obama is a RadIcal Communist Muslim by his own admission.

  • William Keeney

    Too put him in prison costs money, hundreds of thousands of dollars.. There are cheaper ways,that would only cost a few cents !!! ??? Use your imagination.

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