2016 Election

Cartoon: The Trump factor


If the GOP establishment is clueless as to why Trump is surging, maybe they should check the mirror. Check out the latest Branco Toon and share with your friends.


  • Dudley DoRight.

    Trump 2016

    • Lizard

      You have got to be best ///// You got my vote plus donation if you can put Obama in prison

      • sherri palmer

        most of us would gladly give a donation, fee, bribe, anything to put that ass in prison!

      • douber1

        the sooner the better

      • Conservative3446

        A very large donation!!!!!!!

    • William Keeney

      Put him in a cell block where all inmates are convicted KKK’ers !!!!!!!

      • Dudley DoRight.

        This is for traitors

    • al.k

      Obama has proven we have no say in who gets elected, closet queer jimmy carter told us we were just about to get a homosexual president and now tells us Jesus would condone homosexuals, not according to his word! but this illegal Islamic mud pounder was put in, not elected,henry kissinger stated he was put in to get the nwo going, which includes disarming us, most people would of never voted for him had they had opportunity to elect a real president, The bush crime family set us up for the fall, but either way we have no choice, all the wasted time and money to elect another puppet run by the Illuminati and the bilderbergs, besides Rothschild boasts of the fact that they have financed both sides of every war since Napolian, now Clinton tells Jeb Bush that Trump will be taken out during the debate, looks like they may add Trump to their body count. check out the Clinton chronicles !!

      • daledor

        Right on! As far as he Illuminatti, their New World Order agenda was pushed by some presidents lightly before Bush revealed it openly as the “kinder and gentler NWO”.The Bush’s bushwhacked America. Clinton clenched further NWO control. Obama obominated America to set up the NWO overnight. Hillary would have taken the hill and consummated it.

  • Gary D Flatt


    • sherri palmer

      I would like to see Trump with a General or retired General as his VP and use Palin, whom I like a lot, for EPA or something else…

      • Gary D Flatt

        The EPA wouldn’t exist. It’s a hiding place for nonproductive fools.

    • carman2005

      Trump Yes, Palin No!

      • Gary D Flatt

        You have something against smart honest women? Oh did I mention pleasant on the eyes.

        • carman2005

          Not at all but I prefer they can and will finish the job! Oh, did I mention being pleasant on the eyes don’t get the job done?

          • Gary D Flatt

            Sarah did what she was FORCED to do by the Demoncratic defaming machine to protect her family. And, she done it with intelligence and style. A smart maneuver, which showed class. She left the retards in the dust

          • Lui

            I agree. By stepping down she became a far bigger thorn in the liberal machines side then she already was.

    • Lui

      Trump/Cruz I say

      • John

        Definitely not Bush or Christie! I like Ben Carson or Rand Paul, or any of the others!

    • John

      Orrrr Trump, Carson actually Trump and any of the other runners!

  • bobtherebuilder

    This is without a doubt, one of the more “accurate” cartoons, which depicts such a “true to life” scenario…LOVE the “Harry Reid agenda” that the one “grand ol’ boy” is holding!!

    • Lui

      F-ing A……

  • Richard Bagenstose

    turn gitmo into obomas new home and presidentual library, and let castro have at him

    • Conservative3446

      But first remove the tennis courts, movie theaters, fine dining rooms, etc.

  • pkthornton

    it is incredible to think that the stupid GOP who promised to strand up against obama and his out of control and unconstitutional policies then elects total nimrod sellouts for their majority leaders who completely capitulates to obama’s agenda,as if they have forgotten what they were elected to congress to do and then wonders why there is a all of a sudden a rebellion against them is beyond belief.truth once again is stranger than fiction and this cartoon nails it very precicely

    • Kurt

      Thy are all corupt

    • Wayne Snow

      Right on. Love that cartoon it is so true. 98% of them lied to us and the one or two ( a guess) honest ones hands are tied and mouths duct taped. If that so called PERSON is not stopped soon, congress will be joining the homeless people. Go Trump Go they cannot pay him off.

  • Alan Harper

    Isn’t the more accurate term for these three – RINO’s?

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