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Cartoon: Tongue Tied


The Left loves to capture the language.  That’s why Obama can’t say certain things. Check out this classic Branco Toon and share with your friends.


  • Swed.

    Because he is a Islamist Terrorist infesting the White House, that is the only reason, that and the mental illness of liberalism.

    • Pegasus

      So true….

  • chillbox

    The Democrats need a country of their own, not here!

    • Mike

      They had one. It was called the USSR.

  • grenadier388

    Obummer is a communist and a muslim, probably both. The WORST president EVER!

  • Snailmailtrucker

    The Democrats Love Radical Muslims !
    Valerie Jarrett, Huma Albedin, The Obama Muslim BrotherHood !

    • theronald

      You left out the Hildebeast.

    • eagle keeper

      Did you know Valerie Jarrett is Iranian? Also John Kerry’s doctor son in law is Iranian. Think that had any influence in crafting the bad upon bad “deal” they fashioned with that terrorist country?? Obama hates this country and all it stands for. Always has, always will. Hilary and Bernie Sanders are in the same boat as the present potus. Unfortunately. I hope a God fearing Conservative gets elected next election.

  • Dan

    Aren’t we all just so sick of Obama? His mannerisms, his voice, his ideology, his lecturing, … is so tiresome listening and viewing this fraud in the WH.

  • chetohimler

    Because a skunk can’t smell its own ass!

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