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Cartoon: Minimum wage benefits


A low-information voters gets a lesson in marginal rate of return.  Check out the latest Branco Toon and share with your friends.


  • George Cahonna

    Why work at all? He can make more money on welfare…

    • Jarhead

      And some of the Welfare can converting into cash for booze, drugs, vacations, tats, orgies, free FONS, housing, etc., etc. why would anyone want to leave Paradise?

      • Lizard

        You got it .. I know people that will go buy $100.00 worth of food on food stamp card and deliver food and only charge $50.00 cash or half price..

        • Jarhead

          There was a location in Florida that only gave 20 cents on the dollar……they were ripping-off the rip-offs.

          • George Cahonna

            And who is picking up the tab? Why pay taxes? What happens if everyone goes on welfare? Maybe force a bunch of lazy SOB’s to find work or starve.

          • Craig Tarter

            You bet! If everybody signed up for “welfare”, it would fatigue the way lacking “system” into the nonexistent. I’ve heard legends of people giving people a hand without so much as a cue from Uncle Sam.

  • grenadier388

    That is socialism in practice. It does NOT work! As Margaret Thatcher observed: “Socialism works, until you run out of people to pay for it.” Want proof? Greece!. Spain a close second.

    • Roy Clingenpeel

      Grenadier388, as always we look at other’s faults and condemn them for their impropriety but we fail to list our own faults. The United States is in far greater trouble a debt to the tune of 18 plus trillion dollars for the same reasons,” benefits and handouts to the lazy” Much greater than those you mentioned all because as the Prime Ministers says ” Socialism works, until you run out of people to pay for it” which we have because we have to borrow to pay for our socialist tendencies and our lazy hands out good-for-nothing population.

      • grenadier388

        I think we agree!

  • Richard Bagenstose

    don’t for get the higher tax rate you pay, when it’s said and done your lucky to get 10.00 more in your pay

  • Sallie Daggy

    When Democrat Socialist entitlements and Democrat Socialist policies clash…..Not so good for Americans huh!

  • ragcollector

    Don’t forget to pay your “Shared responsibility” payment to the Insurance company for your “American Communism Act” ROFLMAO! I said this a lot and was laughed at! How does it go? “He who laughs last, laughs loudest”! Yeah this is so funny! The braindead on steroids!! That LiL raggie osammie got you sheep again HUH???

  • claughrun

    Ya’ think?
    isn’t that the way of it…..1-800-duh!!!

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