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Cartoon: Obama’s misplaced VA priorities


President Obama has got his priorities straight and no amount of dead veterans is going to change his mind.  Check out this classic Branco Toon and share with your friends.

VA-gift-NRD-990 (1)


  • FAITH47

    Obama don’t care about our military men and women, who serve and to protect us.He should NOT be a commander-in chief, instead a commander in S(((***t

    • Raymond Charron

      yes, a shirty commander at what I don’t know. he should be arrested and jailed for any one of his crimes including the law he broke that he wrote. a real airhead.

      • FAITH47

        He should be put in jail for not following our Constitution.I think some of our Politician are scared of him.I believe that Obama is a killer how many people whom he killed including the old lady who covered him up for the birth certificate, so to quite her Obama killed her.

        • steve whitlow

          The politicians should not be worried about BAMA, they should be worried about the people who put them in office, we will have a 2010 year if it takes years & years to get the people in there who will UPHOLD THE CONSTITUTION OF THE UNITED OF AMERICA, that’s they were SWORN TO DO===QUIT BEING PC, you’ll find yourself outside looking in which is where your headed, WHAT A BUNCH OF ZERO’S..MAKE A CHANGE. DO IT NOW, by the way HOW HAVE YOUR TOWN HALL MEETINGS BE DOING, since your talking to & listening to your electors at home, ARE YOU SICK OF IT YET ??Thanks SCW.

          • FAITH47

            Yes, I am sick and tired for all the BS.I did NOT vote for Obama the first time and the second time, I knew Obama is full of crap I knew that Change he was talking about is to change our country for worst, and knew he wants to control all the American people, he is the most worst President of the United State and the most liar.

        • Mac Boy

          Yes, Loraine Fuddy … the ONLY person to die in the Air crash …..
          …Like we all believe THAT POS story ……….. NOT!

  • Richard Bagenstose

    not a funny cartoon , period, the freak should be in prison ,not in the white house, muslim loving commie terrorist is what he is. and like usual he is off vacationing again , distroying america is realy hard work

  • Raymond Jacobson

    The next tomb stone may read > America Destroyed < with a big grin on obamas' face.

    • Mac Boy

      No … the next one should be – “Here lies SAMBO”

      • Raymond Jacobson

        We can only hope!

  • John Edward Blake

    Somewhere or sometime Obama will wake up and realize that his cover ups and agendas have led to much suffering and many deaths and a legacy that is too nasty to contemplate.


    obama needs to die it’s that simple he’s a terrorist a terrorist sympathizer a terrorist promoter a threat to every american citizen a traitor a murderer a law breaker an enemy to the constitution an enemy to the bill of rights an enemy of AMERICA and it’s an AMERICAN right and duty to destroy him.

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