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Cartoon: Anti-Semitic Left attacks Schumer for opposing Iran deal


The shoe is on the other foot Sen. Schumer. Check out the latest Branco Toon and share with your friends.


  • Billy

    The truth hurts …..

  • steven

    Most Jews vote on the left,now it is coming back to bite them in a$$.

    • al.k

      Do you really think we elect the officials, they are all selected and chose and all the campaigning is a waste of time and money, we are an Islamic communist country, look at who they chose to appoint all muslims in the government, the sodomite in chief keeps hinting at a 3rd term, he is just getting the sheeple programmed for the complete take down of this country as he was selected to do.He and his cohorts are preparing for a race war, they got Therican running him Islamic mouth to take out the whites, when the CIA assassinates him the race war will happen as planned for martial law.

  • Snailmailtrucker

    Obama has alienated nearly every major Ally that America has.
    Do you actually think that was not on purpose ?

    Obama has done more to destroy America than any external enemy could !

  • Stephen Lopez

    This the fault of gullible Americans. We reward failure by electing Obama twice. If people actually cared about their freedoms they would be at the Whitehouse in the hundreds of thousands telling those in the administration tearing down the country to resign or face arrest for hundreds of crimes and misdemeanors. Our votes have not counted for over forty years.Obama won with fraudulent tactics.

    • Richard Bagenstose

      i don’t reward anyone, you pay in then you recieve when your old enough, no free bees no hand outs work and pay till your old enough to retire, don’t pay you don’t get, actualy lopez this is the government and there duming down of socity and common core , keep the people stupid so you can dictate to them and they follow like good little sheep

      • eagle keeper

        Sadly the days and companies are long gone where one can work for twenty or thirty years and collect a pension or a retirement. Unions and high corporate tax rates forced those opportunities offshore a long time ago. So, no you or some young person will have to job hop their entire career. IRA’s and 401k’s are the only answer. Save, save and save some more if retirement is potentially in your future.

  • Richard Bagenstose

    let him try and run for a third term ,you ever here the term the straw that broke the camels bake , he has broken every thing else in the constitution , but that’s it , i won’t stand for it, i won’t put up with another 4 years of this muslim freak

    • Mac Boy

      . He would Never live to see it …………

    • al.k

      How could either of us prevent it?

  • Political View

    Obama wants this to be a Muslim country, under Sharia law of sorts. But I don’t think he realized how much it will even cost him.

  • Gea

    Barack Hussein Obama is a punishment for the 70% of American Jews, who voted to re-elect in 2012, this friend of the terrorist organization of Muslim Brotherhood, whose stated goal is “to infiltrate America and destroy Western civilization from within to establish the only true religion of Islam to rule over all others.” When the treason of Obama becomes widely known and he is in prison for it, then Jews will be blamed for bringing this traitor Obama into power.

  • tinkerunique

    We DO NOT need more of the “0’dumma rules” BS ! He is just like ( supposedly) the city mayor or Senator, a public servant. HE thinks he is the supreme leader of “the people”, and wants everything done HIS WAY.

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