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Trump rally draws hundreds in Hampton


By Christian Scibetta, The New Hampshire Union Leader, ManchesterAP Donald Trump

Hundreds of supporters and the curious were on hand Friday night to hear Donald Trump speak at a rally for his 2016 Presidential campaign at the Winnacunnet High School.

Without a script or teleprompter, Trump’s address to the crowd was filled with anecdotes and stories.

“If you’re running for President you shouldn’t be allowed to use a teleprompter,” Trump joked and then mimed using a teleprompter, receiving laughs from the audience.

When he discussed debate points or other Presidential candidates, Trump took an almost comedic approach. “If Jeb Bush became President,” Trump began, then changing tones into an imitation of Bush, “Oh we’ll do something, let me go to sleep first.”

Trump also touched on subjects for which he has received heavy scrutiny during his campaign, including the Mexican people and women’s rights.

“I love Mexicans, tremendous spirit,” Trump said when discussing global trade.

“I will fund women’s health issues more than anyone else running, more than the Democrats,” Trump said.

Trump also claimed that the military would be a major focus during his Presidency. “The military is going to be so strong that nobody is going to mess around with us … I’m the most militaristic guy in this room,” Trump told the audience.

Taking questions from the audience, Trump continued in the style of a fast-paced businessman. To one audience member whose question involving retirement homes was taking too long, Trump interrupted and joked, “What? Are you trying to get us all to live in your little home?”

“He means well,” Trump told the audience after the man was told to sit down.

One young woman asked, “What specifically do you like about New Hampshire?” to which Trump replied, “The people! They are amazing, smart, industrious.”

Because of the large number of people at the event, some were required to wait in a second room at the school. Near his closing, Trump assured them that he would spend time with the people who “didn’t get the good seats,” and those outside who weren’t able to make it into the building.

“You don’t want a politically correct President,” Trump declared to huge applause and cheers from the audience.


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