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The Debate Over Birthright Citizenship, Explained in 90 Seconds


Over the last week, a new debate has been brewing over birthright citizenship, an issue that has been discussed by the 2016 Republican presidential field and elevated during the dispute over illegal immigration.

Birthright citizenship is the legal right for children born in the United States to be granted automatic citizenship, including those born to illegal immigrants.

So what are some of the issues surrounding birthright citizenship, and how are those opposed looking to end it? The Daily Signal explains.

Video edited and produced by Tate Holcombe



  • MarcJ

    Not so – the 14th Amendment addressed the legal status of recently freed Black slaves back in 1865.

    • sherri palmer

      Correct! Birthright citizenship does not benefit us otherwise! The parasites from south of the border can bellow all they want, this is not their country nor do they have an allegiance to it! They want to remain parasites and be on a permanent vacation! Foreign citizens and diplomats do not have that right, and neither do piss pots webacks who are here illegally!

  • Jon Exner

    Any honest American citizen should be able to understand that the 14th Amendment was a result of the continued disagreements between the Northern States and the Southern States regarding the issue of citizenship and the rights as such for former slaves.
    The Civil War ended in 1965 and the debate began and ended with the Ratification of the 14th Amendment in 1868. The issue of Jurisdiction is an interesting legal question.
    A young women comes to the United States of America to work for a foreign corporation, she gives birth and years later she decides to go back to HER home country. Since the Government of the United States of America claims jurisdiction over that child do they have the right to tell that mother that she does not have the right to take that American citizen out of the Country?
    Next take a look at Section 5 of the 14th Amendment. Like most of the Amendments and other parts of the original Constitution, there is a very powerful tool to be used by Congress, it states the following.
    Section 5. The Congress shall have power to enforce, by appropriate legislation, the ;provisions of this article. They do not have to Amend the Constitution of the United States of America.
    Another very powerful tool Congress has is in Article III, Section 2 of the body of the Original Constitution. ARTICLE III, Section 2, Clause 2 where it states as follows.
    In all CASES affecting ambassadors, other public ministers and consuls, and those in which a states shall be part, the Supreme Court shall have original jurisdiction. in all other cases before mentioned, the Supreme Court shall have appellate jurisdiction, both as to law and fact, WITH SUCH EXCEPTIONS, AND UNDER SUCH REGULATIONS AS THE congress SHALL MAKE.
    I believe Congress could pass a law that would demand that the 14th Amendment be interpreted in the original intent and the Courts could do nothing about it.

  • andebach

    The video misses some important points, such as “subject to the jurisdiction” and the fact that by act of Congress the children of foreign diplomats born in this country are not citizens of this country, but of the country of their parents. What difference does it matter if legally here as diplomats, or foreigners illegally here? Foreigners illegally here are subject to the jurisdiction of their own countries and so are there children in the natural thing is done. Birthright citizenship must be done away with….what Obama, big corporations, Democrats as a Party, & special interests have been doing after the one big amnesty of the 1980s (?) shows how our country can be damaged by a loco president by giving citizenship to illegal foreigners and their offspring. Read how other countries have “wised-up” leaving us alone doing this stupidly harmful thing to our country: http://www.degaston.org/government/Birthright%20Citizenship.html

  • Irvan

    The 14th Amendment was designed for the black people who had just been freed from slavery in the 1800s. The 14th Amendment should be eliminated as it is no longer of use. In fact, it is being MISUSED by mexicans constantly.

  • Richard Bagenstose

    just like the president has to be a u.s. citizen yet the freak in the white house , still has not shown proof that he is american , when all his relation are from kenya

  • jlcham

    The amendment was designed for the children of freed slaves. Not for every illegal who crosses the border just to drop their kid here.

  • Gea

    this is a womb jihad and invasion of America, as many illegal immigrants some pregnant to US to get citizenship for their brood and then stay to collect benefits.

    If this automatic citizenship were abolished there would be less incentive for illegal immigrants to come, just as not employing them or not providing translators for even legal citizens would discourage massive legal and illegal influx of low life into USA.

  • Gwen

    We should not reward lawbreakers. Illegal aliens are breaking the law and should not be rewarded by having citizenship gifted to their children as a result of the law breaking.

    • Jarhead

      America is known for rewarding criminals, law breakers, convicted felons, drug addicts……just look at the VA Death By Delay Policy killing our Wounded Warriors…….and some of those big crooks in Congress planning on leaving Washington as millionaires…..

  • David Lewis

    The statement that they are “subject to the jurisdiction thereof” relates to the country from whence the have come and they are solely a guest in the United States at the time of delivery. I can think of no other country that gives citizenship so freely and as such we should treat it as preciously as it is sought by those not of our country. Doing a wrong in order to gain such a privilege should never be allowed.. If we don’t treat our most precious right with such great honor we will only demean it to the point that it has little or no value.

  • Gary

    If they were born to an illegal then ‘they’ are an illegal. Anchor babies and their parents should all be sent home together.

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