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Cartoon – Say Uncle


Crazy Uncle Joe takes down Hillary with Barack Obama’s help? Check out the latest Branco Toon and share with your friends.



    Ask yourself. Why would obomber back Biden? The answer is simple. Biden would never change obombers legacy! Chillary would tear it apart and put us in an even further tail spin! If Biden was elected, obomber migt even leave office. But, if anyone else is elected, he will proclaim martial law and stay in office!

  • D. Lucian Iliesiu

    Elections are a learning process! An influential amount of present day voters & leaders – including the Obama administration – are leftovers from the 1960s-70s hippies. They naively & stubbornly believe in peace-&-love-at-any-cost and refuse to accept the world has emancipated since then. The knife will have to get to their bone before they may change their attitude. Disregarding who gets elected in 2016, not much will change in the US until the unions will lower their exaggerated fees and entitlements so our products will become competitive on the international market. E.g.: how is it possible that American Airlines is flying on some routes within the US mostly airplanes made by Embraer in Brazil?

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