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Cruz draws parallels to Reagan


Aug. 25–U.S. Sen. Ted Cruz drew parallels Monday night between his presidential campaign and Ronald Reagan’s presidency.

Ted Cruz (left) and Ronald Reagan are pictured in this composite image. | AP Photos

Ted Cruz (left) and Ronald Reagan are pictured in this composite image. | AP Photos

Recalling how the “Reagan revolution” revitalized the nation, Cruz told an audience at the Civic Center of Anderson that “the same thing is happening all over again.” Dozens of people waved signs during his speech that had been distributed by campaign workers.

Cruz, a first-term Republican senator from Texas, began his speech by praising U.S. Rep. Jeff Duncan for standing up to their party’s leadership in Congress. Duncan was the host of Monday night’s Faith and Freedom barbecue.

“Jeff and I both at this point right now in the members’ dining room need food tasters before we have lunch,” Cruz said.

Polls show that Cruz is currently running in the middle of the pack in the GOP presidential race. During a news conference before his speech, Cruz told reporters that he is seeing excitement and enthusiasm on the campaign trail since the first Republican presidential debate earlier this month in Cleveland.

Cruz praised the caliber of the GOP field before cracking a joke about Democratic presidential candidates Hillary Clinton and U.S. Sen. Bernie Sanders.

“The Democratic field consists of a wild-eyed socialist with ideas that are dangerous for America and the world and Bernie Sanders,” Cruz said.

He also criticized the nuclear agreement that the Obama administration reached with Iran, saying it makes the U.S. the “leading financier of Islamic terrorists.”

Cruz said he would repeal the Affordable Care Act, end the Common Core national education standards and order a criminal investigation of Planned Parenthood if he is elected. He also said he would seek to impose a simplified flat tax and eliminate the Internal Revenue Service, suggesting that the agency’s “90,000” employees (there are actually about 82,000) could be sent to the Mexican border to fight illegal immigration.

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  • Obtruder

    Cruz was born in Canada and is a Harvard Law graduate. Hold my nose type of candidate.

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