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Latest Gallup poll: Hispanics really, really dislike Trump


Aug. 25– Donald Trump kicked off his presidential campaign by calling Mexican immigrants “rapists” and called the 14th Amendment of the constitution “unconstitutional” for granting children born in the U.S. citizenship.

RAW-FOXANDFRIENDSDOTCOM-2TPT84FA_FNC_061715_12-16So it’s not surprising that a new Gallup poll shows Hispanics have a negative view of Trump, but the extent of their dislike of Trump outstrips any other candidate by a factor of more than seven. Only 14 percent of Hispanics in the poll said they had a favorable view of Trump, against 65 percent that viewed him unfavorably. That gives him a “net favorability rating” of -51. The next worst candidates, Ted Cruz and Rick Perry, have net favorability ratings of -7.

Jeb Bush, in contrast, whose wife was born in Mexico, has a net favorability rating of +11, the highest rating among Republican contenders. This, along with the mostly tepid ratings of the other Republican contenders, lead the study authors to conclude that, even though “Trump has a highly unfavorable image among U.S. Hispanics … at least for now, this doesn’t seem to be tarnishing the rest of the Republican field.”

On the Democratic side, Hillary Clinton leads her rivals by a factor of eight among Hispanics, an even larger margin than Trump trails. Her favorability measure is +40 among Hispanics, compared to Bernie Sanders’ +5.


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    This comes as no surprise. The Chinese dislike the Tibetans, whom they are in the process of replacing with Han Chinese in invaded Tibet. The Soviets occupied the Baltic countries in 1940 and efforts to replace Latvians and Estonians with ethnic Russians were almost successful, stopping only with the collapse of the Soviet Union. Hitler planned to replace the Poles and other Slavs with Aryans and then exterminate the replaced population. There is nothing less underway in this country now than an unabashed attempt to invade the United States and replace and then quite possibly exterminate its native-born English-speaking Caucasian population, and the invaders are always ill disposed toward those they plan to replace.

  • don allen

    about time someone with a pair stood up for america, about dam time. Love him or
    hate him he speaks the truth.

  • LieutenantCharlie

    Trump just tells like it is, without any sugar coating!

  • Camel Dung lover

    Misleading article/”poll”. It doesn’t even bother to distinguish between legal latins or illegal latins being polled, 2nd or 3rd generation normal everyday Latin Americans or what. Out here in California and Arizona and texas, the Latins don’t approve of illegal invasion either. So I say this poll is a lie meant to scare voters away from the Donald.

    • Robert Pekarik

      Or a RINO vote for Jeb Bush pole.

      • Obtruder

        I can’t stand Jeb Bush…

        Bush would only increase the debt and look the other way on illegal immigration.

    • frawgeyz

      Exactly! Camel Dung Love,= one who is able to think critically.

  • the American

    The message the media is trying to convey. ..be afraid of illegals, be afraid.

  • Patrick Pittelli

    One has to ask, of those Hispanics who were polled, how many are legal US citizens who can vote? Or should I say can legally vote. If I were hispanic who was a US citizen and stood in line and paid attorneys to get that status I would side with Trump.Because those illegal immigrants wherever they come from are driving down my wages and keeping me from getting a higher paying job. Perhaps even taking my job away because they are willing to work for less. Just remember, those 11.3 million illegals are eating up jobs that should be going to US citizens. All US citizens including Hispanics.
    I also believe that you need to read between the lines on what Trump says. When he said send them back and bring them back legally in an expedited manner perhaps he means out one door and in another as long as they can prove they have a job which withholds taxes, medical insurance and have not committed a felony. Then perhaps they can work towards becoming citizens. But until then no government benefits of any kind. We have US citizens who are out of work and need those benefits.
    Most important is this. Even if Trump cannot make good on his deportation promises, he is at least addressing what everyone is afraid to talk about. Perhaps he only gets to the point where he deports all criminals. I know he will get the wall built and beef up border security. That’s a start. Something no one else has gotten done in thirty years of broken promises.

  • Obtruder

    The poll is phony. Gallup used to be legit, but not any more. They have their hands in deep pockets like most of the other propaganda pushers.

  • eagle keeper

    Well lets see perhaps why hispanics could hate Trump?? Currently living in Mexico in a cardboard box. Very little income, send daughter pregnant on trip to U.S. She arrives, drops the kid, yipee!! Automatic anvil baby citizenship. Sends word back home y’all come on the water’s fine up here. American taxpayers are saddled with the care and feeding of this woman and offspring for 80 years plus. So is there any wonder they don’t like him and his clear policy to rid us of all these sponges? While there may be a few, very few who want to come here and improve their lives, most just come for the free stuff. Not to mention the evil criminal element who thanks to aj Holder are repeat offenders and are on the Obama merry go round, no laws against the beaners will be enforced policy. I agree we need to actually DO something about the illegal situation and just not talk about it as a campaign talking point. Will Trump if elected actually do the things that need to be done? I don’t know, my crystal ball broke.

  • Dowhatsrigh

    Too damn bad, the criminals always hate the good guys. It is not really Trump that they hate, it is the fact that he will send all the illegals home and there is no one to rob and steal from in Mexico..

  • disqus_A7ZiD14I8W

    love this man Hurray for Donald Trump

  • disqus_A7ZiD14I8W

    we need more men like Donald Trump, just maybe he can get us out of debt and make illegals obey the law, glad to hear someone can be truthful. Our city looks like China in just a few years, sign, homes business, hospitals etc all owned by China illegals some not even living in USA sending their kids to our schools and today we live in the new China, San Gabriel Valley CA come see the future of America, hope you can read Chinese and look Chinese even to find a job. terrible changes in our town. No more American markets, business etc. We need Donald Trump

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