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Clinton likens GOP’s views on women to those of terrorists


CLEVELAND (AP) — Hillary Rodham Clinton is drawing parallels between terrorists and the Republican presidential candidates when it comes to their views on women.

Clinton1web_2831249bShe says at an event in Ohio that Republican efforts to cut access to health centers and opposition to abortion rights are “extreme” and likens it to “terrorist groups” and “people who don’t want to live in the modern world.”

Clinton says the policies of Republican presidential candidates are “out of date and out of touch.” She specifically cites candidatesMarco Rubio, Jeb Bush and John Kasich.

The Democratic presidential candidate was speaking to supporters in Cleveland, Ohio, a key general election state.

The Republican National Committee quickly responds, accusing Clinton of equating her potential GOP opponents with terrorists and calls for her to apologize for “inflammatory rhetoric.”

  • PC Bob

    The woman is mentally deranged, and she hopes YOU don’t find out!

  • Ibcamn

    hillary is a broomstick riding hag!liberals are the nearest thing to terrorists!

  • Dudley DoRight.

    HITLER-ee for prison 2016, or sooner.

  • KayO

    I don’t think she understands that most of us women don’t need her to speak for us. We can take care of business all by ourselves. We even know how to clock Uncle Joe in the nose if he ever touched us the way he’s touched other women on camera. Go away, Hillary.

    • AMEN!!!!!!!!! i am so sick of broads like her claiming they speak for all of us too!!

  • Political View

    HA! I think the same way about Liberals! The difference is that Liberals, Democrats are for ‘killing’ of babies, GOP is against it. So how does being against killing make someone a terrorist when that is what the Democrats are for?

  • ragcollector

    The “Failure” speaks again HUH? LMAO@ killerbee! Are you trying to deflect the choice to support planned baby parts for sale”? You are so pathetic! You raised your daughter in the same house as a cheating, raping, womanizing pedophile! Did you protect her from that maniac she had to call dad? All you did about the bimbogate was attack the women! You sold our secrets to the highest donors! ROFLMAO, Who is the terrorist? You were instrumental in the killings of 4 and you wanted all of them dead! You are a absolute failure at every aspect of your life, your biggest failure being, the way you raised your daughter!

  • Raymond Miller

    So Hellery finally admits that a baby is a baby, when it suites her purpose and Republicans are just like the Terrorists. She who terrorized all of Bills rape victims. She should know a terrorist when she sees one, just let her look in the mirror, no what she sees would make her puke.

  • look in the Godforsaken mirror killary!! you took money from countries who actually do treat women like crap! you freaking HYPOCRITE!!!!

  • Michael

    Nutcase on steroids! What would she know about what women need?

    • Bud

      Well, after all, it does claim to be one.

  • Bud

    Perhaps someone should do a study to see how closely some of Hillary’s positions coincide with the positions on the same subjects by the old Politburo.

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