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Jorge Ramos tells Megyn Kelly: Trump a would-be dictator with dangerous ideas

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The Univision anchor Jorge Ramos has accused Donald Trump of revealing dictatorial tendencies by expelling him from a press conference.

univision26n-3-webRamos said on Wednesday that the leading Republican candidate for president tried to silence him and revealed a dangerous intolerance for freedom of speech during their heated encounter in Iowa on Tuesday.

“Those are the things you see in dictatorships and not in the United States of America,” Ramos told Fox’s Megyn Kelly. “Clearly Donald Trump did not like my questions … and he tried to silence me. In this country you don’t do that.”

The anchor, a hugely influential figure among Latinos, said the billionaire developer’s views on immigration and freedom of the press ran contrary to US values. “His words are dangerous and his ideas are extreme.”

Ramos, who has been dubbed the Walter Cronkite of Latino America, denied he was rude or baited the GOP candidate at the press conference in the city of Dubuque, saying two journalists asked questions before him and that he was entitled to confront the candidate.

The spat began when Ramos stood up and started asking a question without being called on. Trump tried to ignore him and called on another reporter.

When Ramos persisted, Trump retorted “You weren’t called” and told Ramos to “sit down” and “go back to Univision”. A security guard working for Trump then forcibly escorted Ramos out of the room.

The reality TV star turned politician accused Ramos of “screaming” and being “a very emotional person”.

Ramos was later allowed back in the press room and engaged in a prolonged back and forth with Trump on immigration, the lightning rod issue of his insurgent campaign.

Ramos has used his position on Noticiero Univision – US Spanish-language TV’s number one ranked newscast, drawing more than two million viewers – to openly champion immigration reform.

Kelly, who has also tangled with Trump, asked Ramos if his combative approach, and Univision’s open disdain for Trump, had contributed to the spat. Ramos said no.

“I followed the rules and he just didn’t like the question. The problem is he’s not used to being asked uncomfortable questions.”

Trump’s professed desire to expel undocumented migrants and build a wall along the 2,000-mile border with Mexico needed challenging, Ramos said. “When he’s expressing those really dangerous words we have to confront them… even if he doesn’t like it.”

Speaking later on Kelly’s show, Carol Coulter, the conservative pundit, said Ramos was no journalist. “He’s an ethnic activist and was showing up to protest, not to ask a question.”

Jesse Watters, speaking earlier on Fox News, also showed little sympathy, saying Ramos “ acted like an illegal alien and got treated like one ”.

Speaking from Florida, however, Jeb Bush, Trump’s rival for the Republican nomination, sided with Ramos. “I think people with the press ought to be treated with a little more respect and dignity.”

It is estimated that the GOP’s eventual nominee will need to win nearly half of the Latino vote to take the White House in 2016.

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  • Patrick Pittelli

    Ramos is a steamrolling Activist who is not there to answer questions but to promote his agenda of granting citizenship to more than 11 million people who are in our country illegally. He constantly interrupts people and talks over them. He has little respect for anyone’s ideas but his own. Therefore Trump was right in not letting him bulldoze his way into a discussion. Ted Cruz, in an interview about a week ago, asked Ramos “What would Mexico do if people from central and South America tried to enter Mexico illegally?” Ramos answer was “Arrest them and deport them.” I rest my case. The guy’s a fraud as a Journalist.

  • Mike O’Mara

    Ramos appears to be an illegal allien by his very nature. He extended the habits he developed by illegally sneaking into the United States and trying to make demands and run things his own way. This is a perfect description of what he attempted to do at Trumps press conference. Without being called to give a question he simply stood up and began making comments. Trump told him he was not called on and when he refused to stop Trump correctly told him to leave.
    Later on Fox ramos told them, “I followed the rules and he just didn’t like the question. The problem is he’s not used to being asked uncomfortable questions.” The real problem is Ramos tried to enter the press conference the same way he entered America and certainly did not follow any rules. This is one of the serious risks of allowing illegals to enter and reenter at will. They begin to think of their illegal actions as a right. Ramos is an abrasive prig who did not belong in the studio or where he lives illegally.

  • LandMinesOTB

    Hey Jorge- you were incredibly, overwhelmingly RUDE and terrifically arrogant and he called you on it. You disrespected everyone in the room by trying to force your way to the front of the line ahead of everyone else – just like your relatives are doing – and you got stopped and you’re throwing a little tantrum about it. Stop whining. I hope he TERRIFIES you and all of the other “latinos” who have decided that we have no rights to sovereignty in the U.S. How DARE you be so inconsiderate about this country and the people who are here LEGALLY.
    Please PLEASE return to your own country and try to FIX IT instead of insisting that mexico’s problems become MY problems. I work too hard supporting America’s deadbeats without having to support mexicos’s too.
    BTW- it was a real long-awaited treat to watch you get tossed out on your latinoASS. Shame he let you back in. Just showed he is a bigger man than you are.

  • Obtruder

    Trump would be a dictator with dangerous ideas?

    That being said, why is Jorge not saying the very same thing about Barack Hussein Obama?

    Is the Iranian deal not an absolute terrible idea?

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