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Bush: Trump ‘too pessimistic,’ will lead GOP to 2016 defeat


HAMPTON, N.H. (AP) — Republican presidential contender Jeb Bush says rival Donald Trump is “too pessimistic” to lead the country and Republicans will lose the 2016 election if they make the billionaire their party’s candidate for the White House.

Trump-AP-Jeb-Reuters-640x480Campaigning in New Hampshire on Thursday, Bush acknowledged that Trump has tapped into anger among voters, especially Republicans. “I’m frustrated,” Bush told more than 100 employees at a factory on the state’s seacoast. “We’re on the verge of the greatest time to be alive, and there is one candidate in the Republican Party who is preying on people’s angst and fears.”

Bush said: ” Donald Trump’s view is the end is near.”

The two have been intensifying their fight over the direction of the Republican Party, and making it personal.

After being ridiculed by Trump as dull, low energy and beholden to his vast network of donors, Bush turned on him this week. His campaign released an online video showing statements Trump has made over the years endorsing higher taxes, a single-payer health care system such as Canada’s, abortion rights and more. And Bush has sharpened his own rhetoric against Trump.

Earlier Thursday, Bush told ABC’s “Good Morning America” that Trump was trying to “insult his way” to the presidency. That was in response to Trump’s remark that Bush should stick to English when he’s in the U.S.

The bilingual Bush often drops Spanish into his campaign speeches. He did so again in New Hampshire when he urged Republicans to campaign with “brazos abiertos,” or open arms.

Bush was filming an ad in a Hampton factory before campaigning to the north, in Laconia.

  • Steve Susa

    I really don’t think what Bush thinks is relevant in any way, he is so out of touch and he has no business running for anything but a bus!

    • sherri palmer

      I do agree…definitely out of touch! I do believe that we need a law wherein being president does not become a family business! Trump is energetic!

  • Teryll Baker

    The last thing I would call Trump is “pessimistic.” I don’t think his millions of supporters see him as pessimistic! He loves America, because he has done very well in America and hates to see it being destroyed by Establishment Republicans like Bush and the Obama Administration. Trump knows we are getting close to the point of no return by our Trillions of Dollars of debt; which he says could happen at around $24 Trillion if Obama continues his destructive path. He also says it can be reversed if the right person gets to be President, which he of course thinks is himself but not Bush. Bush would keep the same old, same old, do nothing theme we have seen for decades. I personally see Trump as optimistic about America and I think his millions of supporters see that too. As things stand right now in America, this is not the “greatest time to be alive” (as Bush says) but he is right when he says “Donald Trump’s view is the end is near.” If we elect Bush the end will come faster than you could ever imagine!!!

  • Steve Susa

    Exactly Teryll! If we don’t start changing things quickly it will be too late , I see Trump as the only one who can rally the public to head in the right direction, it is exactly the time to shove the politically correct agenda back down the throats it came from and start getting things done without back room deals, secrets and payoffs, we need to cleanse the entire political arena and start fresh with real Patriots and people who want to return the country to the prominence we once held!

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