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Sources: Party seeks pledge to avert Trump third-party run


trump_prevWASHINGTON (AP) — The Republican National Committee on Wednesday challenged every 2016 Republican presidential candidate to sign a pledge not to undertake a third-party bid under any circumstances.

The challenge, confirmed by multiple campaigns, is aimed squarely at Donald Trump.

While he is leading the packed Republican field in early polls, the billionaire businessman has repeatedly threatened to launch a third-party bid. That leaves open the possibility that he could leave the party should he fail to claim the Republican presidential nomination. Such a decision would make it all but impossible for the Republican Party to win the White House in 2016.

The Trump campaign did not respond to questions about the pledge late Wednesday, although RNC Chairman Reince Priebus is set to meet privately with Trump on Thursday in New York City shortly before Trump addresses reporters. The meeting was confirmed by an RNC official who wasn’t authorized to discuss the plan publicly and requested anonymity.

In recent days, Trump has hinted he would soon decide whether to rule out a third-party bid.

“We’re going to make a decision very soon,” he said Saturday in Nashville, “and I think a lot of people are going to be very happy.”

Several candidates contacted late Wednesday confirmed that they would sign the pledge, among them Ohio Gov. John Kasich and former Florida Gov.Jeb Bush, although few doubted the intentions of the vast majority of the party’s 17 presidential contenders.

The Republican National Committee’s pledge asks candidates to promise to “endorse the 2016 Republican presidential nominee regardless of who it is.”

Further, it asks them to pledge “that I will not seek to run as an independent or write-in candidate, nor will I seek or accept the nomination for president of any other party.”

An RNC spokesman declined to comment.

  • Gea

    If the Republicans do not want Trump to run on Third party ticket, they should stop sabotaging his campaign and let American voters decide who will be Republican Party candidate in 2016 Presidential elections.

    Americans are finally waking up to the danger of Obama and his Muslim Brotherhood, and may depose of this incompetent, pro-Islamist tyrant before he can destroy America as a lame duck.

    • Abacrombee

      I’ll second that.

  • Christine Cuneo

    Don’t sign anything Mr. Trump and don’t believe anything the lying POS tell you. I will vote for you what ever party you run under.

    • joanc

      I will vote for him because he tells Americans the one thing we have been missing for a very long time– it’s a foreign word to most of our Politicians, who would be ostracized if they used it. IT is TRUTH, which Donald Trump openly tells us with no holds barred. The other candidates laughed at him at first, but now are trying to follow his lead, but too little too late for them. I hope he beats the pants off all the smug elitist pols who think they are above the hoi polloi! No one can stump Trump, and we can be assured his cabinet will be the best men available as will his financial advisors! I’m sure he will tap some of the best candidates who are also running because he knows trus dedication to the USA when he see it!

  • Jon Exner

    Seems like this cite is in league with the rnc when they hold our comments because they don’t like the light shown on the truth.
    I guess they could give a few lessons to Putin about censorship.

  • Jon Exner

    Neither the republican party nor the democratic party owns the votes of the people but yet they continue to attempt to obstruct any opposition from a third party running against them.

  • Jon Exner

    Two posts held because this cite does not like the truth.
    Time to unsubscribe.

  • Name

    I hope he doesn’t sign anything. Trump needs to be loyal to the People, not to the party. Look at whom the Party supports: Boehner, Mc Connell, unprincipled politicians, — RINOs. And let’s not forget what it supports: open borders, illegal immigration, NAFTA, CAFTA, No Child Left Behind, Medicare Part D, Common Core. This Party works against the People. It needs to retire.


      AMEN AMEN AMEN !!!

  • Trump COULD destroy the entire Republican Party.
    Let’s pray to God that he DOES–this party has lost its soul and no longer deserves the protection of this putative Christian nation.

    • joanc

      Are you sure it is the GOP who started the war on our Christen nation. Have you been away and have missed what really has occured? The hate fight against Christians started duruing the present admnistration, as did class warfare and the war on Police. Maybe you need to check up on recent history so you will be better informed. I an not a member of either party, but I do know when this started and if it were the GOP Iwould say so. I vote for the candidate , not the party. May the best man win and get the USA out of the dilemma we dind ourselves in.

      • Franie

        It is and was the democrats that have destroyed our country, democrats that started the war on Christianity, the democrats that polarized this country to the point of starting anarchism in the black community in shooting and going after our police. Damn right it’s the dèmocrats that are a poison in this country. Look at who they have in office, then look at who they want in office – Hilliary/Bernie. Both of them would be further left and more dangerous than the clown in the White House now. NEVER VOTE FOR ANOTHER DAMN DEMOCRAT!!! NEVER!

      • I’m neither a Democrat nor a Republican. In fact I DETEST the very few members of either party who I’ve had the misfortune of meeting.

        The best thing about Trump (and the reason almost half of Americans already support him) is that he is really NEITHER.

        Our “war against terror” was waged by both parties with equal zeal–and it is UNCONSCIONABLE.

    • Franie

      Huh, and your thoughts on the soulless, perverted, unGodly democrat party???

      • They are like a choice between the Pharisees and the Saduccees.

        • Franie

          Yeah, no hope for salvation, NONE!!!

  • Mwalltexan

    I am going to switch my affiliation from Republican party to Independent.
    I am 70+ years sick of the RNC, the DNC and professional politicians in particular.

    Why do we call them professional “politicians”? They sell themselves don’t they?
    There is another, more accurate descriptive term for them!

    • joanc

      I worked at election times for the Democrats in my former home town. I rang door bells, phoned voters and worked in commitee rooms on election day, but I woke up to reality and switched to Independent. I am sick of all the lies and having decisions made for the country that we have no part of, even though those decisions affect us sometimes in a very negative way, unless you are in a favored group being courted for their votes by the Jackass party. The politicians get the vote as payment for thier ,lentiful bag of goodies, while the taxpayer gets the bill,and the crime that acoompanies it. America needs a big change in November 2016 , for it’s time to toss out those who are out for themselves and not for our great Country! Vote for the people you trust to do the job of restoring our country back to it’s history of law and order, and tell any newcomers to stop trying to trash our Constitution which was written by men far smarter than any one in office today! God Bless America and our brave men who fight to keep her free.

      • Mwalltexan

        AND God Bless you Joan. It shouldn’t take us so long to realize that political parties have divided (deliberately) us as Americans. My grandfather was a political adviser for the local democratic party. This was in the 30s and 40s and it was a far different entity than it is now. Then, it was truly the working man’s party (The American working man). I remember my Grandfather’s mantra was God, Family and Country in that order. We lost our way when we allowed others to define and dictate the difference between right and wrong.

        • Franie

          Today’s democrat party resembles nothing of the democrat party of my father and grandfathers. Today’s democrat party has been hijacked by the radicals of the 60’s. Today’s democrat party is THE party of Death, Destruction, Perversion, and unGodliness. I’ve absolutely have washed my hands of the damn democrat party. They make me sick to see what they have done to our once great country!

          And, they can take their damn political correctness crap a shove it where the sun don’t shine!

      • the American

        I love it, above party, you’re an American first.

  • the American

    Desperate measures by a desperate, Corrupt , nest of anti American rinos….face it rino repukes. …jeb douche is over.’re over. GO TRUMP 2016.

  • the American
    • Franie

      Not good.

  • wolfpack907

    The ultimate present from Trump to us would be to run on the ticket get nominated, then choose Cruz as running mate, then run as independent! BAMMM!, Tell the RINO party he did it because that’s what you RINO’s did to America last election!

    • the American

      Not sure if rino repukes are cowardly, complicit, or both…

  • Crockette

    And, now all the other candidates will have to take their chances as well!

  • KayO

    When do we find out where Trump stands on abortion, homosexual marriage rights vs Christian rights, and other issues besides immigration and jobs?

  • Paul Brown

    The republicans have become nothing but a bunch of cowards and refuse to stand against this dictating Islamic terrorist pig. They are just as guilty as the DEMONcraps, and have taken a back seat to let them run over us for the next 30 years. They have no intention of winning the WH anymore. The RNC has become a disgrace to the party and to this country. I am embarrassed to admit anymore that I am a proud republican.

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