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Trump Signs Pledge Ruling Out Independent Run


donald-pledgeWhite House hopeful Donald Trump has signed a party pledge not to run as an independent candidate if he loses the Republican Party’s nomination.

“I see no circumstances under which I would tear up that pledge,” he said in a news conference at Trump Towers in New York City.

Mr Trump made the announcement following a meeting with Republican National Committee chairman Reince Priebus.

The party has asked its pool of 17 candidates to sign a non-legally binding loyalty pledge to ensure future party unity, which analysts say was aimed directly at Mr Trump.

The real estate baron was booed in a televised debate last month when he refused to rule out a third-party campaign if Republicans didn’t pick him as theirWhite House candidate.

The pledge states: “I, _________, affirm that if I do not win the 2016 Republican nomination for President of the United States I will endorse the 2016 Republican presidential nominee, regardless of who it is.”

Party chiefs fear an independent campaign by Mr Trump could suck votes away from the eventual Republican nominee, thereby handing victory to the Democratic candidate, which many strategists expect to be Hillary Clinton.

Ross Perot’s third party bid in 1992 is sometimes said to have cost George H W Bush a second term in the White House and allowed Bill Clinton to win.

However, polls back then showed Perot supporters were split right down the middle in their second choice between Mr Bush and Mr Clinton.

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  • Dudley DoRight.

    Trump 2016……………………….0bama for prison

    • dan9el

      It looks good , but we have to remember that Mr Barack Obama cannot – never – be call ‘traitor ‘….because he is not….he is not a son from our land…he is a foreign implant from Mombasa-Kenya occupying unconstitutionally, and so illegally the presidential platform of this country;….an scenario forced to he American public, and to the rest of the world for that matters, as result of voters ignorance , illegal practices of various kind / massive fraud.
      The Obama illegality should and must be revisited,….and this time to pound on it like with a sledgehammer… we, the people of this country,… get results.
      Input anyone?

      • Dudley DoRight.
        • sherri palmer

          I have a feeling that in his grass skirt, he doesn’t need that much skirt….

          • Dudley DoRight.


      • Dudley DoRight.
      • sherri palmer

        My input…get his ass any damn way!

        • dan9el

          Well, yes,…, that should be done ….actually since very long time ago…but here is the thing;…

          None of us, nobody in our country should try to hold the breath on this expecting solution…the corruption that is all over , the manure that seems not to have end,…is all over and looks that is self-sustaining.

          Let’s not try to fool ourselves about the efficiency of our Justice System…..all is corrupted…and all smells really . extremely bad all the way to high heavens – sort of speak……everyone out there knows what ,I am talking about….don’t we all ?

          Nothing will be done….however;……the theater still on…and now (as sad as it it) Gowdy is one of the actors too.
          This thing about Benghazi is just a small portion of the gigantic mountain of manure right before all of us.

          There is so much going not exactly in favour of our country that the best way to fix all this is to cut the monster from root…..right from root….from top….from the head….where everything started.

          We do have, bad economy (this country owes even the bottoms of the shirt to everyone out there (specially to China), events like…..IRS/NSA, Benghazi, Syria, Iran, Egypt, Iran, the entire middle east with ISIS and everything in between, unprotected borders – which means – drug cartels, massive crime, illegal parasites, terrorists groups infiltration, …and so much more.

          Don’t we have (we, the people),…don’t we have enough material to expose, accuse, convict, arrest, remove from power, and ultimately sent to jail the members, associates and affiliates inside and related to this un-American, unconstitutional , corrupted and fraud-base current administration?…..Yes?….or….No?

          Nixon did less and it took only two journalist and a rotative to put him out of commission……we do have much much more to present against this impostor, don’t we?

          Well the solution is but one ,….to strike from root and in the head the entire anti-american, corrupted, rogue, unconstitutional-oriented, and fraud-base current administration there in Washington.

          Nationwide / Coast-to-Coast American Public General Referendum.

          Mr Barack Obama must be removed from White House, and put in jail along with all associates and affiliates the support and hide his illegal , unconstitutional , and so fraud-base ill-acquired presidential platform.

          Illegal representation, and occupation on a public platform – on false pretenses -, corruptive endevours / total fraud.

          And so, because all is and has been a fraud, and illegal, everything done by his name and under his name (indictments, executive orders, laws, etc, etc, )…everything becomes , automatically – BY CONSTITUTION – becomes “NULL” / invalid.

          Mr Obama himself (the so called ‘president’) is very much well aware is way, way overdue to be exposed, arrested, charged, convicted, prosecuted, remove from power,and sent to jail for a very long time along with all his associates and affiliates supporting the fraudulent platform where he is…… the entire current administration for their ongoing insidious assault in so many ways and at so many levels – to the good people of our great country.

          However those who are in the law spectrum can do this…..but it seems that nobody has guts….we have the factor (they have all the factors to put ahead all this)….but bribe and intimidation has been served,…as result fear is all over victimizing the potential lawyers that can do this ,….and so, nobody moves….just talk-talk-talk….huff-huff and puff-puff…..action?….real very solid action?……unseen.

          It is way, way, way overdue for this man (Obama) to be exposed, arrested, charged, prosecuted, convicted, removed from power, and put n jail along with all his associates upholding the lie….the fraud.

          Now, let’s say that….Judge Napolitano, Judge Shapiro as well, also, Sean Hannity, Sheriff Arppagio, Mark Levine, more than half of the staff from FOX, Rush LImbaugh, Michael Savage,…and so many others can do this,… but fear is all over.

          Nobody moves….fear, fear, fear……no guts whatsoever……American bravery…?????…where?

          You know what?…Eric Holder was not that wrong when he said;…”this is a nation of cowards…”
          Bottom line ,… the Obama unconstitutionality / illegality / fraud issue should / must / has to be revisited and this time be totally effective about it.!!

          • sherri palmer

            You are so right! on every point! No courage anywhere, they fear the fight for right more than anything! I don’t understand it at all! It is our loss! Obama has his tentacles in every branch of govt. I know well the reason that Obama stacked the judicial system with his extremist judges and all down the line. The stacked deck makes it easier to proceed with his dangerous, lawless agenda. Many thanks for your comments.

  • RightVote

    Donald TRUMP owned the Moment !
    Vote Trump…….and we can ALL Make America Great Again !

  • Ed Leon

    Ha, ha, ha, ha, ………..! If the Democraps were hoping for a sure win if Trump did not win the nomination and ran as an independent and have another year like Perot in 1996, they must be pooping in their pants now, because this pretty much settles Trump’s nomination. So now they need to defeat Trump or go home (or wherever they deserve to go).

  • General “Bull” Krapper

    Now the RINO’s got him where they want him. Even if Trump is leading by a large margin, & I see it happening because the people want him, the RINO’s will screw him out of it & throw this BS piece of pulp in his face. Then we’re stuck with a drone like Romney again, or worse like McCain. And it will be “SNAFU” as usual. — Stay Well, Safe & Free

    • frawgeyz

      So true general!!!! I am not happy about this! For the first time we had someone who might have been able to put the GOP to bed for good .

    • sherri palmer

      I just read an article about 8 counties in TX with more voters registered than they have citizens. they better get those books in order, because you know we are going to want a recount and everything else if dumbo democraps win this…

  • CA Girl

    That’s NOT a legal binding document. TRUMP gets my vote … regardless!
    The GOP wants Bush, I will NEVER cast my vote for Bush! He’s so proud of his Spanish, maybe he
    should run for President in Mexico.

    • sherri palmer

      I am voting for Trump, he said he will put Obama in prison! Gets my vote!

  • sherri palmer

    It is speculated that the “document” that Trump signed is not legally binding by FOX.

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