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Trump says Iran deal struck by ‘totally incompetent people’


WASHINGTON (AP) — Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump says that if elected he would work to improve the “horrible” international agreement with Iran to rein in that country’s nuclear arms program.

trump iran“I do like to buy bad contracts,” the billionaire real estate mogul said Friday on MSNBC’s “Morning Joe” program, explaining why he believes he is qualified to renegotiate the deal, which involved not only representatives of the U.S. but also of Germany, Britain,France, Russia and China.

Trump repeated his charge that the deal was “negotiated by totally incompetent people.”

The unpredictable celebrity businessman is still considered a longshot White House candidate, but to the dismay of Republican leaders he has emerged as the overwhelming front-runner in the party’s crowded field of candidates, despite repeatedly insulting key constituencies and offering few details about his policies. The reality television star has described Mexican immigrants as rapists, questioned Sen. John McCain’s war hero status and insulted a popular TV news host.

Trump’s staying power atop early polls in the Republican presidential contest has increasingly put him in conventional candidate situations, including being asked about his approach to foreign policy.

Trump bristled Thursday when a conservative radio host asked him about a variety of overseas issues. He accused Hugh Hewitt of asking “gotcha questions” when the host quizzed him on the names of top leaders of Islamist terrorism. Trump angrily stumbled through his retort before landing on braggadocio.

“When you’re asking me about who’s running this, this, this, that’s not, that is not — I will be so good at the military, your head will spin,” he said.

The tense interaction with Hewitt could set up the next Republican debate as a sort of sequel to the first: Hewitt is one of its moderators. At the August debate, Trump rumbled with popular Fox News host Megyn Kelly, whom he has repeatedly accused of asking unfair questions of him.

At the beginning of Thursday’s Hewitt interview, Trump appeared to confuse the Iranian Revolutionary Quds Forces with the Kurds, a Middle Eastern ethnic group. And he also could not explain the difference between Hamas and Hezbollah.

Later Thursday, Hewitt asked another Republican candidate, former technology executive Carly Fiorina, the same kinds of questions, assuring listeners he hadn’t shared them with her ahead of time.

“Do you know that difference between Hamas and Hezbollah?” Hewitt asked her.

“Yes. I do,” she replied. “And of course, Hamas is focused in Palestinian territories. Hezbollah focuses in Beirut and other places, but the truth is, both of them are proxies of Iran. Both of them threaten Israel.”

On Thursday, Trump ruled out the prospect of a third-party White House bid and vowed to support whoever wins the Republican party’s nomination. A third-party bid by Trump, or any prominent conservative, could doom Republican efforts in 2016 by splitting the Republican vote.

Republican leaders had been trying to avert the possibility of an independent campaign by Trump ever since last month’s opening debate, when he roiled the race by refusing to promise to back the party’s eventual nominee.

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  • James Andrews

    Go Trump…he’s right!

  • Wayne Thorson

    Trump has never spent one day in the military yet he can tell McCane he is not a hero for being a POW for 4 years. He has no idea what it is like to wake up every morning thinking maybe they are going to chop his head off that day or shoot him. I cannot imagine what it felt like to hear those words. Trump continued to say if he was a hero he would never been captured. I am retired from the service and could never vote for a ungrateful person like Trump. He talks like he is going to build up the defense and beat up on China, beat up on the Middle East and beat up on Mexico and make Mexico pay for building that fence. If you believe this I have a bridge in Arizona I want to sell you. We spend more on defense right than the next 13 countries put together. We spend enough.

    • eagle keeper

      No disrespect to John McCain. The problem is he is a RINO. You don’t need to be in the military to make common sense decisions. That’s one thing that is resonating with people on main street. Trumps massage of common sense the man on the street really understands. We are tired of politics as usual.

      • Wayne Thorson

        Trump says he is going to undo the Iran deal. Doesn’t he know that there were several other countries that signed that deal along with the U.S.? Have you heard him say how he plans to change the minds of all the other countries that signed the agreement? He is going to build up our military so no other country will mess with us. We spend more on defense right now than the next 13 countries under us put together. I think we spend enough. This Trump is so full of bull that the American people are soon going to see right through him.

  • Ed K

    “The reality television star has described Mexican immigrants as rapists” …… just another so-called journalist inaccuracy. I guess my professional journalism degree from the 70’s was BS … say whatever you want now – makes me puke.

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