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I’m more conservative than brother George W, says Jeb Bush


The Republican US presidential hopeful Jeb Bush differentiated himself from his brother, the former president George W Bush, on Wednesday night by saying he was more conservative.

635526020948040009-AP-BUSH-2000On the first episode of the Late Show with Stephen Colbert, Bush was asked to name one issue where he disagreed his brother, whose administration was marked by controversy.

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The former Florida governor said the key area he disagreed with his brother on was spending. In his opinion, George W Bush did not “control the Republican Congress’s spending” while he was in office and “should have brought the hammer down”.

Colbert’s question came in the midst of what was otherwise a very friendly, softball interview with Bush, who is third in national polls behind both Donald Trump andBen Carson.

The late night talk show host even told Bush: “There is a non-zero chance I would vote for you – you seem like a very reasonable guy.”

The interview started with Bush being asked why he wanted to be president. He then launched into his stump speech, saying: “Because I think we’re on the verge of the greatest time to be alive but our government isn’t working.”

He also took pains to strike a moderate tone to the national audience, telling Colbert: “I don’t think Barack Obama has bad motives, I just think he’s wrong on a lot of issues.

“If you start with the premise that people have good motives, you can find common ground.”

Bush also talked about his campaign logo. He thinks the logo, which consists of his first name followed by an exclamation mark, “connotes excitement”.

  • Seldena

    No Jeb does not even come close to his brother’s conservatism. Jeb is too far left for me supporting amnesty and common core. This means more gov’t intrusion! No, I do not support Jeb!!

  • skipsart

    What a pantload!!!……. A RINO is a RINO is a RINO

  • wolfpack907

    WOW! That is so pathetic, are you really acting like a 13 yo? I thought you were running as a representative of the people? You act like your running for 7th grade class Prez. or your just running so scared you no longer have any idea. Like I say, Trump makes people show us who they really are, and you are a coward, you are trying to run on the coat tails of Daddy and Brother! Your brother instituted the most communist doctrine ever implemented in the U.S. and you say your more conservative? ROFLMAO!! There are those that could make an argument that killerbee would be more conservative than Brother bushy!

  • luckeybob

    Have you noticed that aside from Trump, Carson, Cruz and possibly
    that all the other candidates declare they are Conservative ? Not one of them including the RNC is conservative. They proclaim to be but listen to what they said and think for yourself “is that Conservative or is it the sound of accommodation and surrender to the Liberals” ? TrumCarsCruz are not recipients of the bucks the Rep Pacs and RNC give out. There is your proof. If they are Conservative let them put their money where their mouth is. The RNC and the base are GUMPS

  • wildeagleone

    You have never been half the man you r brother has been and I am eternally happy you were’t in charge when 9/11 hit this nation as you would have probably hid under the bed

  • Mwalltexan

    What will it take to make Jeb and his clan go away and stay away?

  • dixie

    Yes, that may be…doubt! But bet you can speak Spanish better tho. Just what we don’t need!! Go AWAY!

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