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Dem strategist: Hillary Clinton’s ‘sorry’ not enough


Sept. 09– Hillary Clinton’s desperate “I’m sorry” for using a personal email account to conduct government business as secretary of state won’t end the raging debate that has cast a dark cloud over her campaign, a Democratic strategist said.

Clinton1web_2831249b“I think it will help a little bit but … the Republicans are going to do everything they can to keep it alive,” Democratic consultant Matt Bennett told the Herald.

“It will probably help at the margins, but it isn’t going to make it go away and I don’t think the campaign is under the illusion that it will.”

Republicans, Bennett said, “are already seizing on it” and “will continue to do that.”

Clinton finally said “I’m sorry” yesterday for using the private server after constant criticism over the move.

“That was a mistake,” Clinton said during an interview with ABC News. “I’m sorry about that. I take responsibility.”

Republican National Committee spokeswoman Allison Moore suggested Clinton was only apologizing because “she got caught and is dropping in the polls.”

Republican presidential candidates see the issue as a way to discredit Clinton for the general election. And GOP lawmakers on Capitol Hill are using questions about whether Clinton withheld pertinent emails to bolster a congressional investigation into the deadly 2012 terror attacks in Benghazi, Libya.

Clinton’s decision to reverse course and apologize came just 24 hours after the former first lady insisted to the Associated Press she didn’t need to say she was sorry because “what I did was allowed.”

That comment came after a separate sit-down with NBC News on Friday, during which Clinton said only that she was sorry if her actions had caused voters any confusion.

The email scandal has dogged Clinton’s presidential campaign for months. Despite a massive fundraising advantage over her competitors and a long list of endorsements from party leaders, multiple polls show a majority of Americans don’t find Clinton honest and trustworthy.

After a shaky summer, Clinton’s advisers say she’ll more fully address the email saga in the fall.

Top campaign officials have started emailing memos to anxious supporters and convening late-night conference calls with prominent Democrats.

Clinton’s string of interviews was meant to signal that the candidate herself was ready to be more forthcoming. Or, as she told the Associated Press, to take full responsibility and “be as transparent as possible.”

While Clinton’s campaign offered no immediate explanation for why she changed her mind on an apology, the fact that she did suggests an acceptance that it was untenable to continue avoiding saying “I’m sorry.”

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  • pkthornton

    I’m sorry, but I’m sorry doesn’t get it!jeopardizing national security,having classified materials in an unsecured server,giving classified information to individuals not cleared to have them such as her lawyer and others having access such as those she paid to wipe her server and who knows who else.destroying government documents making an investigation into benghazi as well as anything else that might be investigated in the future,all of this is not only unacceptable for a cabinet level person such as secretary of state it is also highly illegal.if this were a republican the democrats and republicans would be calling for her arrest,but because it is a woman democrat the democrats are minimizing it and the republicans not wanting to look partisan are dragging things on and on.until the republicans get some balls and arrests her for obstruction of justice(and I am sure congress can hold her indefinitely)I am really wondering (because the doj is controlled by democrats)whether she will ever be held accountable

  • D. Lucian Iliesiu

    Most probably she will be pardoned in order to minimize the exposure of many closets’ contents.

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