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Senate Democrats Block Vote to Reject Iran Nuclear Deal, Handing Obama Victory


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Senate Democratic leader Harry Reid helped President Obama win a debate in Congress over the Iran nuclear deal by leading a filibuster of a resolution rejecting the accord. (Photo: Brad Zucroff/Polaris/Newscom)

Senate Democratic leader Harry Reid helped President Obama win a debate in Congress over the Iran nuclear deal by leading a filibuster of a resolution rejecting the accord. (Photo: Brad Zucroff/Polaris/Newscom)

Senate Democrats on Thursday blocked consideration of a Republican resolution to reject the Iran nuclear deal, effectively allowing the agreement to take effect without President Obama having to issue a veto.

A procedural vote on what’s known as a resolution of disapproval failed 58-42. Such a vote requires 60 votes to advance.

The only Democratic defectors on the vote were the same four who already had announced their opposition: Sens. Bob Menendez of New Jersey, Ben Cardin of Maryland, Chuck Schumer of New York, and Joe Manchin of West Virginia.

“I think that an agreement this important deserves a final [up-or-down] vote,” Sen. Jeff Flake, R-Ariz., told The Daily Signal after the procedural measure failed.

Refusing to concede defeat, Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell said his chamber will revote on the procedural measure.

And the House has yet to finish its own series of votes on the nuclear deal.

Those votes are aimed at drawing attention to side dealsinvolving international nuclear inspectors.

But the efforts won’t have practical impact on stopping the deal’s implementation, with the filibuster by Democratic senators making the ongoing debate moot.

“The Senate has spoken with a clarion voice and declared the historic agreement to prevent Iran from obtaining a nuclear weapon will stand,” said Senate Democratic leader Harry Reid in a statement.

“Any future attempts to re-litigate this issue in the Senate will meet the same outcome and will be nothing more than wasted time.”

The Iran nuclear deal, negotiated by the United States and five other world powers and announced July 14 in Vienna, imposes constraints on Iran’s nuclear program.

The curbs to the nuclear program begin to be eased after 10 years.

Meanwhile, the U.S., the European Union, and the United Nations will lift international sanctions on Tehran as Iran complies with the deal.

The agreement will be formally adopted on Oct. 19—90 days after it was endorsed by the United Nations Security Council.

Article originally posted on The Daily Signal.

  • scarlettny

    Our poor children and grandchildren. They will be stuck with this Ovomit mess, and have to live in fear.

  • Richard Bagenstose

    hummmm, what ever happened to we don’t negociate with terrorist, seem to me we are making more deals with terrorists then ever before,, but then it doesn’t supprise me seeing how we have a terrorist siting in the oval office, get ready for the 10,000 terrorist he is going to bring in from syria, on top of the thousands he already brought here with the u.n. ‘s help, all i can say is keep your doors locked and guns loaded,

  • Ernest Rodriguez

    What do the Senators and Congressmen think we are, stupid?! The only reason the 4 democrats were going to vote no on the deal is because it would put them in a bad light with their constituency. Once they had the override votes they were clear to vote no. And, the Republicans allowed this procedural vote so that they wouldn’t look bad when their veto override failed. This is why the Trumps, Cruz’s, Carson’s, and Fiorina’s of the world are needed in order to shake up the status quo. It may look like Washington is divided along Republican and Democrat lines but look deeper and you’ll see that the line disappears the closer you get. All they are doing is playing political games to maintain power and they will make backroom deals with anyone of any party to keep it. They are not concerned at all about our national security or our economic stability. They are trying to pull the wool over our eyes but it’s not happening. They are the stupid ones because they are fooling themselves.

    • pkthornton

      when the republican congress gave obama the ability to make the deal without it having to be considered a treaty they sold us out and committed treason.this can be undone at anytime just by declaring this agreement a treaty and forcing a vote treating it as such.if the leadership doesnt do this they should be removed from office and brought up on charges of treason along with john kerry and president obama and everyone else involved.this is giving aid to the enemy to destroy us and our allies in the middle east and if this is not treason then nothing is

    • sherri palmer

      not only that they are serving Iran who worships satan, so their asses are headed to hell…the problem with politicians is they are politicians, they are not good for anything, useless unless you dangle a greenback carrot in front of them. We will down the road have to watch out for business men too, they all get cocky after a while…we need ordinary people in office because we know what we cant live with and what we can and we don’t like over spending at all, but we do like our security at the borders and well paid military to protect our country and our asses!

    • Fed up!

      Hell no on Carley! She nothing butt a liberal.

  • Richard Bagenstose

    scarlettny , your children and grand children have the future of the kids drowning at sea trying to escape isis, they have no future, this is obomas utopia , obomas legacy the first time in u.s. history your future generations will live like dogs compared to there parents, all brought to you by burrack insain obomas , and the rest of our government is just as responcible for not stoping the freak,

  • Lizard

    Same old results no matter how much damage Obama wants to do to America they always hand keys to Obama.. Everyone of idiots in congress need fired they our just waste of money

    • sherri palmer

      We can always tell how they will vote, you are so right…ineffective congress and senate and a traitor muslim for a ‘president’..

  • Stevon f. Nutt

    Put it straight, Leftest Democrats vote for Iran to have the Bomb. They should be held responsible and when it does not turn out the way they say they should be handed over to Israel for execution!

    • sherri palmer

      also hand over the Obama regime and his damn family

  • Dandyangie

    I hope the first Iranian bomb hits the white house with the ni66er in it. He’s sold us out the muslim slime.

  • Deb

    The congress is full of traitors to this Country, with the biggest one in OUR White House. We need to get rid of all the old goats and bring in the new TERM LIMITS for the next go round, most of these people are so corrupt nothing gets done except tyranny1

  • ricke1125

    Harry Reid is the biggest jerk and does not care about the people or the future of our children.
    He is handing them the bomb Reid needs to sign it as lands on innocent people.

  • Sallie Daggy

    Americans can blame Democrats when Iran fails to comply …..and we know they will because the have every time.

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