The Budget Battle: What You Need to Know


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Federal funding for most government agencies and departments expires on Sept. 30. Lawmakers have just a few working days left to avert a government shutdown.

At the same time, Congress is also facing budget deadlines this winter on the national debt, highway programs, regulations, and taxes.

So can lawmakers do? The Heritage Foundation has published a new reportthat can help Congress put the budget on a path to balance, cut and cap spending, and allow free markets to grow the economy.

In this new video, I explain how Congress should resolve the budget battle that’s brewing on Capitol Hill.


Article originally appeared on The Daily Signal.

  • Shut it down, I’m sick of these guys throwing our money around like a kid with a new credit card. We are so buried in debt there’s no way we can dig ourselves out.

    I say, cut up their credit cards and throw them away. You can bet they don’t treat their household budgets this way, but, hey, what the heck, it’s not their money.

    IT’S OURS!!!

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