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BREAKING NEWS: Scott Walker to quit presidential race


scott_walker_featuredDue to sagging poll numbers, Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker is expected to end his presidential campaign:

Scott Walker plans to suspend his campaign for the Republican presidential nomination on Monday night, according to several sources.

The announcement, scheduled for 5 p.m. Central Time in Madison, comes on the heels of a new CNN poll that showed him registering as an asterisk in the latest national poll after a second straight lackluster performance in the GOP debate last week.

It’s a sudden and surprising fall for the Wisconsin governor, who led polls in Iowa for several months earlier this year after a well-received speech there in January that inspired both the party’s grassroots and its donor class. For months, he was viewed as a frontrunner for the GOP’s nomination, but he failed to consolidate support and did not live up to the early hype he inspired.

Walker, who had a fundraiser in Indianapolis scheduled for Monday night, spent the day in private meetings before the planned announcement.

This makes Walker the second Republican to leave the race, following former Texas Gov. Rick Perry.

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