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Cartoon: Sleeper sheep


A vicious terrorist organization would never use a humanitarian crisis like Middle East migration to further their goals, would they? Check out the latest Branco Toon and share with your friends.


  • GlobalThinkTank

    What I find appalling is the decades America allowed Latino immigrants to come into the U.S., to work our farms and low paying jobs no American cared to do, and not once a Latino ever Bombed a city over religious differences.

    Just how many ‘Boston Bombers’ can we expect from Kerry’s and Obama’s Refugee Welcome Mat? Remember, Boston Bomber Family were Chechen refugees.

    Latinos don’t ask for Social Services, the majority just want to work, and I will argue and prove you wrong if you believe differently. But you will find that most Muslim Refugees in Europe, and soon in America, will all get Social Services and Luxury homes at our Tax Dollar Expense… Latinos, barely enough to cover a child’s sickness when needed for family clinic check-up.

    Don’t argue with me that Latinos ruined America, fat, lazy, uneducated, and Social Services recipient Americans and Democrats ruined America… and they’re the one ushering in the Welcome Mat to a Real Foreign Invader of Islamic ideology into a Western world of Christian and Catholic Americans and Latinos.

    Pick your side wisely and don’t be foolish and too quick to cast dispersion on our southern neighbors, or else when all crap hits the fan, you won’t get into Canada nor Mexico when your guns and safety have been removed.

    And yes, the gun grab will come next.

    • bobtherebuilder

      “The gun grab WILL come”?….Uuuumm. a LITTLE late for that Bro, dont’cha think?
      And as far as “sides” goes, there are ONLY TWO…RIGHT, and WRONG!
      Pick wisely INDEED friend !!!

      • GlobalThinkTank

        Today, there’s more talk about bringing in 200,000 Refugees including Syrians… and suggestion from the left to criminalize Anti-Muslim, Anti-Islam, and Anti-Refugee as hate speech. They’re going to ram refugees down your throat at all cost possible.

        Next will be a the caliphate (a one world government and religion) as proposed by Islam extremists in Europe now heading to the U.S. Lock up your daughters and wives, they’re already gang raping women in Europe thinking it is their Right.

        • eagle keeper

          Lock up your sons too. Seems Arab men like to sodomize young boys as a way to relax in the evening after a hard day of beheading and persecuting Christians.

    • Watchin U

      Latinos don’t ask for social services? You are way off there, they do ask and they do get, housing subsidies, food stamps, welfare, free school, free medial care. FACT!

  • Lizard

    Anyway Obama can bankrupt America Obama will do

  • steve whitlow

    Instead of a wolf branco should’ve used a HOG, that would’ve lit up the 1 % for a full jihad. Thanks SCW a Vietnam era vet. Anyone for BBQ HOG ?

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