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BREAKING NEWS: John Boehner leaving speakership, Congress


John Boehner, who only yesterday was seen weeping during the Pope’s visit to the Capitol, has decided to step down as Speaker. After four and a half years it seems he’s had enough.  It appears he told the House GOP conference this morning that he will resign both as Speaker and from his seat representing Ohio’s 8th District at the end of October. We know this because it was tweeted by Michigan Republican Rep. Bill Huizenga.

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  • Hector Montes

    Rep. Louie Gohmert (R-Texas)

  • azsequaya

    GOOD !!!! Maybe now we can have a “REAL REPRESENTATIVE”,, Louie Gohmert ????

    • daledor

      Not if the New World Order RINO’s and other socialists have their way. I hope they get a REAL American vs a traitor in. I hope all the RINO’s get their buns kicked out. I have given up on the socialist Dem party. I thought about sending a truck load of ExLax to DC but decided that there would hardly be anyone left.

      • azsequaya

        That`s a GOOD IDEA,, “Hardly anyone left. !!

        • daledor


          • azsequaya

            YES !!! What a WONDERFUL Sound !!!!

          • daledor

            LOL! Enjoy the relief when his buns leave DC. Problem is the RINO’s will try to get someone just as bad or worse in to ‘teach a lesson’ — that they have control. RINO’s are why there is no trust in the Repub party and they all need flushing out.

          • azsequaya

            Yes Sir,,, You`ve got it…

          • daledor

            Sometimes I hate being right – lol! No, truth sometimes is convenient and sometimes inconvenient. I would rather believe the truth than follow a lie.

  • e111w

    Successor?…………. any one of the “true” conservatives not in the running for the presidential nomination (namely Cruz). Would be good to know why Johnny is quitting (also). Is he seriously ill (other than in need of alcohol rehab)? Is he indictable?

  • Gunflint Roseberg

    Don’t let the door hit you in the rear on the way out! Farewell ya stinkin traitor! One down many to go.

    • Emma

      McConnell next??I hope??
      Bad or worse than boehner .

      • Gunflint Roseberg

        Both need to go..!!

  • Mahatma Muhjesbude

    Why not ask the Pope to temporarily fill the feckless void? He’d do just as well as any other of the ‘multitudes’ of Rinos in Congress. He’s not really a Marxist as so many uneducated believe, He’s a Royalist Power Elite Corporatist and would fit in quite well with the ‘special interest’ theocratic movement in this country?

  • Barmaid51

    Let’s see who the Republican Establishment Elite pick for the next speaker. And Cruz lost his conservative creds awhile ago. Check all candidates congressional voting record if you want a true conservative.

    • Jon Brodin

      Cruz lost conservative credibility? By what metric?

  • Archie

    I wish I could replace him. Just imagine being in a arms reach of Prancy Dildosie!

  • Sharon Aldrich

    Bye and good riddance! I think a few more Republicans need to resign.
    Not sure if their Republican turn Democrap or what but we don’t want you there anymore.

    Term Limits for Congress!!!!!!!!!

    • azsequaya

      No more demoCRIPS or reBLOODlicans !!!

  • KatyO

    Absolutely the best news of the week. Now if he could just get Grahamnesty to resign from the Senate and go with him it would be perfect.

  • Hal Flagel

    The perfect replacement is: Trey Gowdy {If he will accept)

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