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Poll: Who should replace John Boehner as Speaker of the House?



At the end of October, John Boehner will resign from Congress. His position as Speaker of the House will be vacated. There’s going to be a battle for Speaker. After four and half years of Boehner rule, who do you think should replace him? A GOP insider like Kevin McCarthy or a conservative outsider?

Who do YOU think should replace him? Vote now!

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  • Gary Rowley

    This is a serious blow to the Republican Party. Now the crazies may take over. Mr. Boehner was a voice of reason in a sea of hate and and division propagated by the fringe from the far right in our party.

    • Allen

      A definition of insanity is doing the same thing again and again and expecting a different result. So, it seems to me Boehner and your pals in the GOP establishment qualify as insane since they always cave in to the Left and expect to get praised for it and it never happens. In addition, their “compromises” always favor expanding government in exchange for cosmetic “cuts” or never to be be realized savings way off in the future. Let the so-called “crazies” have a turn, they might be the only sane ones in Washington.

      • PC Bob

        Allen I don’t ‘like’ your avatar but I support what you say. We may have two party’s, but they are NOT different! It’s a choice between tweedledumb and tweedledumber! Not much of a choice, huh? Just list me among the ‘crazies’!

    • You are what is wrong with the GOP.

    • Jon Brodin

      Gary, I respectfully disagree. Boehner compromised on every ballot measure without obtaining anything on the R end of the negotiations. In short, he capitulated. He was named speaker in 2010 in a wave election that occurred as a voter response to the way Ds passed obamacare through without scrutiny. Their leadership didn’t even bother to read the bill they were pushing through. That isn’t representative government and the people threw them out. From this position of strength, he capitulated and declared that he needed a R majority in the Senate. In 2014, we gave him that majority. Still, he capitulates as does McConnell. Feckless republicans are what is wrong with the GOP, not those holding to the principles of their voters.

  • Gary Rowley

    Allen, your avatar tells more about you than I care to know, but I defend your right to hold your own views.

    • Allen

      Truth hurts doesn’t it Gary.

  • Obtruder

    The country really does need a third party because there simply isn’t any trust left between the RNC and conservatives.

    • The country needs to start imprisoning and booting out Communists, illegal immigrants and Muslims and executing traitors and blatantly corrupt criminals such as the Clintons.

  • Hal Flagel

    Trey Gowdy would be the best replacement for John Boehner,.He will get things done and bury Hillary once and for all.

    • Marie Steve

      Yes he would be a Great Speaker, but is he running for the position? I don’t see his name on the list, 🙁 I really wished that he would run for speakership!!!

      • wearyconservative1946

        His name isn’t on the list, but something tells me he could be talked into the job.

        • Marie Steve

          Oh I Hope He Will Accept The Job!!!


    OOPS, I said/voted Curt Gowdy, but meant to vote Trey GOWDY!!!
    Dummy Jerry (ME)
    Trey has Shown himself to be an Aggressive Fighter for what is Right & what is GOOD!!!

    • Adora Sala

      I would vote for Chaffetz. On second thought, Trey would have my vote. I trust him more than most of the Republicans

  • Ellen Briggs

    From Jack Briggs Why does this poll, which continues to circulate, not alter their candidate list? After the first go-around, the “other” polled very well, yet the list was not altered for the second go-around. After the second go-around, the “other” polled very well again , yet the list was not altered for the third go-around. Why is the list not showing all names included inside the word “other.” Gohmert has 29% and “other” has 30%. No one else comes close. The poll should open up the list of “other” and add on the names of Gohmert, Ryan (yuck), Meadows (yuck), and McCarthy (yuck), and run the poll anew. Let’s see who wins. Then whittle that list down further so that we can quickly see who our energies and money should support, or is this poll a poll to support the RINOs in the crowd. (yuck – read the writing on the wall!)

  • A true non-compromising Conservative is who is needed in the leadership. I’m hoping Trey Gowdy or Louie Gohmert to be that man.

    • wearyconservative1946

      Here too. We could only vote for one and I chose Gohmert, but Gowdy would be just as good.

      • My thinking exactly. Gowdy is my first choice, Gohmert would make a great Whip.

      • Marie Steve

        I voted for Gohmert as well, I wish that Trey Gowdy was running for Speaker, but I think Louie Gohmert will also be a good choice!!!

    • Roy Clingenpeel

      Trey in another good choice, I prefer Gohmert

  • disqus

    Trey Gowdy
    Trey will get it done!!!

    • wearyconservative1946

      A few good men could perhaps oust the illegals, but it’s mu understanding that most of the muslims are American citizens and they’d be harder to root out unless we were to cut off the welfare.

  • Marvin Zeichner

    I’ll be surprised if a true Conservative gets the job. I have lost faith in the Republican party!,

    • Adora Sala

      I agree. So sad.

  • oudbob

    Alan Keyes , or Mark Levin

  • I don’t know much about most of the choices.
    I’m from Texas, and was moved by Louie Gohmert’s talk in the rain, at an anti-Obamacare rally, at the Capital a few years ago. Louie has been on many local Texas talk shows since, and I believe he has better conservative values than most men on the list. Daniel Webster, from my Dad’s district in Florida is just as good as Louie; but, he has more experience, as a former Florida House Speaker.
    To get a more objective poll, why not expand the list, and give more information on the choices.

    • ClutchingMyRosary

      Daniel Webster gets a D (only 64% conservative) over at Gohmert gets an A (96%), so they’re not comparable. And as wonderful as he is at giving speeches and cross-examining people on his many House subcommittes, Gowdy only gets a B (85%). Note also, that despite how much pressure he puts on witnesses at these House hearings, nothing ever changes. No one ever gets charged with anything. No one’s ever held accountable. So I’m a little less than impressed with Mr. Gowdy.

      • Dr. Bill

        The reason no one gets charged is that they are protected by the corporate oligarchy that actually runs the country. Once you reach a high enough office, the chances of being dislodged are between zero and none. If that were not true, Obama would already have been impeached and removed from office along with half of his cabinet. Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid, Mitch McConnell and John Boehner, among others, would also have been removed from office in Congress for breaking their oaths of office where they swore to defend and protect the constitution. The list of criminals crosses party lines indiscriminately, since both parties are responsible for weakening the constitution over and over again. And before someone says they broke no law, who makes the laws but the very criminals themselves. Since the latest overreaches by the activist judges on the supreme court, we now know there is no relief there either. Our only choices are to either vote out all of the members of congress who have served more than one term and elect members who have both the morals and the guts to take the constitution seriously, or start another revolution as Jefferson suggested we do periodically.

  • Don Dobrosky

    Rep Tom Price Ga. A true conservativE, A FAIRTAX co-sponsor, a man with the USA in his heart. DOBY!

  • the American

    Definitely not kevin mccrino, or chaffetz….I noticed chaffetz is not on the list…remember he’s a doubletalking backstabbing amnesty supporter, just like mccrino….. I remember above all you cannot trust commieforeignian repukes….amnesty lovers all the way.

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  • SaneZidane

    Marsha Blackburn…a conservative with solid credentials who could revive the GOP to it original principles, and policy as originally stated by the representatives of the party recently. If the gentlemen would only set aside their pride and do what is best for the party, they could rally around and give a woman a chance to appeal to the American people that the GOP is sound and not perpetrating war against women after all. So wake up RINO’s, you’re on the bubble.

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