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Cartoon: Taking a lot on faith


Climate change alarmism is a lot like religion. You have to take everything on faith and they hate heretics.  Check out the latest Branco Toon and share with your friends.


  • Raymond Miller

    It seams obvious to me that Obambam gave the Pope a big check when he came here. No wonder he is touting Obambam’s agenda, global warming, gun control (I guess his body guards aren’t armed), let the world come here and live off of Americans. Do you really think he wasn’t bought.

  • Flame

    it’s been said this is the last Pope. He certainly is a far cry from earlier ones. It is also a tenet of R. Catholic faith that the Pope’s infallibility extends to matters of doctrine and faith only, not to matters where he really doesn’t have any expertise. As for “global climate change,” to use the progressive euphemism, of course it exists and has since the dawn of time. But that doesn’t mean humankind is causing it. I’ve read that more pollution was caused by a few days’ eruption of this or that volcano than was prevented in years of man’s efforts not to pollute. I also am informed by folks with advanced degrees in physics that during the medieval warming period there was vastly more CO2 in the atmosphere than today, and farming thrived much farther north than today. Also that CO2 is absorbed into the oceans and is released by the warming, which is the opposite of those who say CO2 causes the warming.

    So until the Pope gets a Ph.D. in physics, I’ll listen to my experts and not Francis. And when the Pope gets an advanced degree in American political science, I might take more interest in what he has said beyond the Golden Rule and a general dictum to care for the earth (which I do far more than many who are currently holding office and ordering me rather than leading by example).

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