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Trump, Carson Lead GOP Candidates in New Poll


trumpcarsonA new poll of Republican candidates seeking their party’s presidential nomination shows frontrunners Donald Trump and Ben Carson with strong leads, and former technology executive Carly Fiorina tied for third place with Florida Senator Marco Rubio.

On the Democratic side, the NBC News-Wall Street Journal poll shows frontrunner Hillary Clinton continuing to lose ground to left-leaning Bernie Sanders, with her earlier double-digit lead now cut to seven points, at 42-35 percent.

The poll shows real estate tycoon Trump with a slight 21-20 percent lead over the soft-spoken Carson. In July, Trump led with 19 percent to Carson’s 10 percent.

Fiorina and Rubio are tied at 11 percent, followed by Jeb Bush (7 percent), John Kasich (6) and Ted Cruz (5).

Separately, the socially conservative Family Research Council Action, a Christian lobbying group, said attendees at a Values Voter Summit last week showed strong support for Cruz, the right-wing Texas senator and leading voice of the Republican tea party movement.

In a statement, the group said Cruz held the support of 35 percent of those polled, while retired neurosurgeon Carson was supported by 18 percent, followed by Mike Huckabee with 14 percent.

A potential White House ticket of Trump with Huckabee as vice presidential running mate was backed by 5 percent.

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    Trump, Trump, Trump for President….Carson for V.P.

    • Fed up!

      Please not VP!


        This would probably lock in another 8 years of none political class people serving us.

  • OnlyTruthFirst

    Since when does a poll conducted of only 230 individuals constitute a national poll of any significance. Is this a joke? Or did they just cut it off after the first 230 to present the view they wanted voters to buy into. There are other polls taken with thousands of individuals/voters that have Trump with a 10 pt. or higher lead.

    • Fed up!

      Polls like computers, garbage in garbage out.
      I can ask a question 10 different ways and get ten different answers.
      I can input date into a computer and achieve Global Warming, Freezing, Flooding and or the earth to be one big dessert in two years.
      Just depends who paying for the outcome and their agenda.
      Trump/Cruz 2016!

  • Trump he da man.

  • Ibcamn

    now this would make an interesting pair…as in Prez and V. Prez..don’t ya think?

    • Fed up!

      Ben to moderate for my taste. Most doctors are moderates that how their trained. Got enough in my family.

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