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Tea Party Skeptical as GOP Establishment Continues to Cry Wolf


By David Limbaugh

tea-party-vs-gopEstablishment Republicans inside and outside Washington miss the grassroots’ point. Even if we don’t eventually prevail with defunding Planned Parenthood, we need to take this issue to the American people .

Establishment types believe that just as we are finally poised to recapture the White House, crazy tea party extremists are about to mess everything up because voters would blame and punish the GOP in 2016 for a shutdown.

But they always tell us to wait until the next election. When we didn’t control the House, they told us to wait until we did. Same with the Senate. Now they say we have to wait until Jeb Bush is president.

They’ve cried wolf so long that conservatives no longer believe them. The conservatives aren’t idiots. They knew when they elected these majorities that they would have great difficulty advancing the conservative agenda with President Obama in office. But they didn’t expect them not to even try.

Yet the Republican leadership doesn’t put up a fight, and establishment pundits go along with this surrendering. These are the same people who are apoplectic over the rise of Donald Trump. They can’t understand how conservatives would support a man they believe is not conservative. But what have their establishment darlings done to promote conservatism? Many Trump supporters believe that Trump gets it and will fight for them. They know the establishment won’t.

The Trump phenomenon aside, I can’t understand the establishment’s resignation in assuming Republicans would automatically lose the PR battle over any federal government shutdown.

These folks said we’d lose the congressional elections if Ted Cruz fought for a shutdown over defunding Obamacare, but a year later, Republicans won stunning congressional victories. The establishment predictably responded that we won precisely because time had passed and people had moved on to other issues.

Nonsense. Establishment types knew at the time they issued their doomsday warnings that the elections were a year off, and they were still paralyzed with fear.

It is disheartening that they always pre-emptively cave before the fight begins. Why are they always so sure voters will blame Republicans for any shutdown no matter what issue is involved? Why do they say Obama will be viewed as the victim – no matter how heinous his positions, no matter how unpopular those positions are with the American people and no matter his approval ratings at the time? Of course Republicans will lose if they aren’t united, if their establishment wing battles conservatives opposing Obama instead of Obama himself.

If ever there has been an issue worth fighting for and one that resonates with the people, it is the federal funding of Planned Parenthood, a thoroughly corrupt and evil enterprise.

So what if abortion procedures make up a relatively small percentage of the services it provides? Serial killers probably behave the majority of the time when they aren’t murdering people. This organization is on a mission to maximize the number of abortions performed, and there is just no way to spin that evil into a virtue.

Surely, you’ve heard the horror stories of Planned Parenthood’s not fully informing mothers of the potential emotional and psychological damage they’ll suffer from abortion. There are also reports of women who changed their mind about getting an abortion but were forced to proceed anyway.

Undeniably, Planned Parenthood is an abortion factory that is swimming in blood money. Whatever other services it provides for women can be done by thousands of benign organizations untainted by the death of innocents.

Republicans must call Obama’s bluff. As we all know, government shutdowns are not catastrophic, as essential services continue. And when they occur, the GOP doesn’t have to accept the media spin that Republicans caused them.

Republicans should view this shutdown not with trepidation but as an opportunity to showcase Obama’s obsession to fund a dark entity that kills babies and harvests their organs. Aren’t they skilled enough to deflect Obama’s propaganda that this is a war on women and accurately portray it as a noble struggle to save babies instead of rewarding those trafficking in their deaths?

If Republicans lack confidence to articulate such a clear-cut moral issue, how will they dare to roll back Obama’s agenda if they win back the White House?

We are losing our national soul. We are becoming morally and financially bankrupt. We are losing our Constitution. We are losing our national identity and our sovereignty. We are losing our national security. And we are squandering the greatest health care system in the world.

It is time to draw the line and take our case to the people. If we lose this battle, we will be in a better – not worse – position to win in 2016 because the Republican base will be energized in a way it hasn’t been since the Reagan 80s. Don’t underestimate that force.


  • William Fejka

    The establishment should consider that the conservative arm of the party is nearing the point of substituting bullets for ballots.

  • sherri palmer

    Bring it to the people, because the people need to know and we are tired of all of this finger pointing and the GOP refuse to get it right! The GOP is such a weenie group, they just fold when Obama speaks, you need me to be a cheerleader, a motivator for grabbing your balls and standing up to a manipulator who isn’t eligible to be in the WH toilet, let alone the oval office…and get that damn transgender bathroom out of our WH! The tide is going to swing hard and heavy back to normal!

  • wildeagleone

    Tell the Reince Priebus’s and the Roves to switch their parties as we got rid of Boehner and have sent him to the demoncrat party where he belongs and that is where these two people belong. The establishment has no business in telling the electorate who will be the next president as that is for the people to decide and as far as Bush is concerned, look at his polling numbers and that will tell you RNC screwups that we don’t want him. He is not good for the country so forget your fair haired boy and stay out of our business

    • Michael

      Well said! There are quite a few so-called Republicans that need to be replaced asap.

  • Douglas Forde

    I think that the writer is too soft on establishment Republicans. Some rank and file Democrats actually believe in the party policies. The rest, along with the RNC and establishment Republicans, are getting paid off by the corporations which are benefiting from their efforts. The same people who pull the strings of these corrupt politicians also control the mainstream media. Look at the 2012 election. Ron Paul could have beaten Obama, but he would have rocked the boat, so they cheated him out of the nomination and fielded a weaker candidate, whom some referred to as “Obama light”, since he wouldn’t have been significantly different on economic issues if he had won.

  • HadEnough

    wildeagleone, I Feel The Same Way. I Can’t Stand The GOP Establishment. Like You Said: They Have No Business In Telling We Voters Who Will Be The Next President As That Is For We, The People, To Decide. I Wish Others Would Tell Them That, (Like I Do)
    And I Wish They Would Get It Through Their Thick Head Once And For All. !!!!!

  • pkthornton

    if the republicans would spend half thee time they spend going against the conservatives to educate the american people about what is really going on and really do what they were elected to do obama would hve been a failed president and wouldnt have been able to get obama care through or any of his twisted agenda and he wouldnt have won a second term.benghazi was a godsend to the republicans and romney and the rest of the republicans pissed it away and let the democrats set the talking points.because of this romney didnt deserve to win because he wouldnt fight when it was obvious that there was something important to fight for.so it is with the lame establishment replublicans.if they wont fight for noble causes they deserve to lose!

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