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Cartoon – Me Boss


Has Vlad Putin outmaneuvered Barack Obama in the Middle East? Check out the latest Branco Toon and share with your friends.


  • sherri palmer

    Yeah, Putin kicked Obama’s ass, BUT, I honestly cant say I believe there was or is a ‘feud’ between the two egoes…Obama could have agreed to this action, but do you think he would have told us, I don’t…he has only told us lies…notice how ‘quiet’ he is?! Its pretty bad when you cant trust your ‘president, isn’t it?…I think mr liar , liar, pants on fire, doesn’t deserve our trust, no matter who he hires…waiting for the coup…he should be dragged out of office by this afternoon! Or, we just sit and wait and watch…..this is extremely dangerous, get your coup hats on and do it, that also means his entire administration and put our generals in charge, a much better choice!

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