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Dana Perino Dissects Obama’s ‘Unpersuasive’ Call for More Gun Control


Video Team / / The Daily Signal

President Barack Obama ridiculed opponents of gun control Thursday, hours after a shooter in Oregon killed 10 people at a community college. Standing at a podium in the White House briefing room, the visibly frustrated president voiced alarm at what he said has become “routine” in America.

“Somebody somewhere will comment and say, ‘Obama politicized this issue.’ Well, this is something we should politicize,” Obama said in his renewed quest for Congress to pass a gun-control bill.

Dana Perino, who stood at the same podium during President George W. Bush’s administration, spoke to “Fox & Friends” Friday morning about Obama’s response to the shooting.

“I don’t think the politicization was the right phrasing for him to use,” Perino said. “I find him unpersuasive. I could actually be somebody that if you showed me new gun-control legislation could help solve this problem, I might actually be able to support something like that. But he doesn’t take that step. He tries to make it political.”

This article originally appeared at The Daily Signal.

  • William Keeney

    The sniveling foreigner Pres., is boo hoo-ing the loss of life, because of the rampant ownership of guns in America. Someone ought to ASK him, WHY Homeland Security is stockpiling 20 Billion rds. of hollowpoint ammo. (outlawed in warfare) ? ??? This is to be used against YOU, in times of civil unrest. WELL, we have civil unrest NOW, under HIS pathetic attempts to undermine the Constitution, AND, all other laws HE feels are unwanted by he, AND the following of sheep in Congress !!!!!

  • Lucian Dorus

    There are plenty of guns and also ammunition in the US! They cannot be confiscated! Therefore, the main issue to prevent homicidal crimes is to have adequate religious and civil education!

  • Graeme Bregani

    Americans are funny. Not ha ha funny; more the odd kind.
    Other countries are doing their best, running their affairs and looking after their citizen’s needs.
    And the Americans, God bless ’em? They’re worrying about who shoots who!
    There’s no other country so generous, no other country I’d rather have guard my back here in Canada.
    We care for America. We also feel your bewilderment at this senseless violence.
    We just don’t see the benefit of more guns to kill more people as being part of the solution.
    Thanks for you time, from Graeme, here in Canada.

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