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Sen. Ted Cruz: Allowing Syrian refugees into US is ‘crazy’


KALAMAZOO, Michigan (AP) — Republican presidential contender Ted Cruz lashed out Monday against the Obama administration’s plan to accept refugees from war-torn Syria, calling it “nothing short of crazy” because he believes some are Islamic State group terrorists.

GOP_2016_CRUZ_46490985“There is a reason the director of national intelligence said among those refugees are no doubt a significant number of ISIS terrorists,” the Texas senator told a crowd of hundreds in a Michigan campaign stop, using an acronym for the Islamic State group. “It would be the height of foolishness to bring in tens of thousands of people including jihadists that are coming here to murder innocent Americans.”

In fact, National Intelligence Director James Clapper has not confirmed that the refugee wave includes significant numbers of terrorists.

He has spoken of the risk of terrorists mingling in, saying last month: “We don’t obviously put it past the likes of ISIL to infiltrate operatives among these refugees.” ISIL is an alternative acronym for the Islamic State group.

Clapper said the U.S. was aggressively screening the small number of Syrian refugees it has accepted.

The Obama administration said it intends to accept about 10,000 Syrian refugees and increase the overall number of refugees allowed into the country from around the world to 85,000 in the next 12 months. That total would increase to 100,000 by 2017. The U.S. now accepts up to 70,000 refugees per year.

Michigan’s Gov. Rick Snyder, also a Republican, is talking with federal officials about what the state can do about accepting more refugees from Syria and building on more than a century of Arab immigration to the state.

Cruz was campaigning ahead of Michigan’s March 8 presidential primary.

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  • Franie

    It’s crazy, it’s crazy, IT’S CRAZY!!! Michigans governor is looking to bring in MORE ARABS?? Is he nuts??? Dearborn, MI already has a huge Arab/Muslim population that demands Sharia Law which goes directly against the laws of our Constitution! Why are we bringing these people in when it would be far cheaper to help them fight ISIS/ISIL in their own countries.


    • pkthornton

      I agree 100 percent! cant we all see this as treason?we are still at war with islamic terrorists!this is like george washington shipping the british into the united states during the war for independence.this is treason and it is about time someone calls it for what it is.

      • Franie

        You are very right! This is treason in it’s purest form. I am at the point where I can just scream and I don’t understand why Congress is allowing this treason to play out. I am not alone neither in my thinking. Way to many people can see the shear destruction of our country unfolding before our very eyes. We are helpless and don’t know where to turn to, to protect what generations before us fought for in the American dream and for our freedoms.

        Obama and Congress should be held to the highest standards for the destruction and for the treason that is unfolding, and they should all be punished for allowing this to happen. I shudder to think what my daughter and her children will have to endure in the years to come. How utterly unfair that Obama, all the democrats, and the Rinos are in cahoots to dismantle this great country of ours. May God have the utmost mercy on their souls, fore these people are under demonic influences.

    • HadEnough

      Absolutely Agree, Franie and pkthornton !!!

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