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Democratic Hillary Clinton trails Carly Fiorina in Iowa


hillary clinton carly fiorinaBased on a new poll, GOP presidential candidate Carly Fiorina leads Democratic front-runner Hillary Clinton instate of Iowa, whose caucuses have served as an early indication of which candidates for president might win the nomination of their political party and which ones could drop out for lack of support.

The new poll released by the Wall Street Journal/NBC News/Marist found Fiorina up 52-38 with Clinton trailing several GOPrivals in Iowa and New Hampshire, another early-voting state.

The 14-point Iowa gap is with Fiorina and former Secretary of State Clinton who also trails Republicans Jeb Bush by 10 points and Donald Trump by 7 points in the poll.

Bernie Sanders, Clinton’s top rival for the Democratic race, lags behind Bush and Fiorina by just 2 and 3 points respectively, and leads Trump by 5 points.

Vice President Joe Biden who has yet remained decided on whether to enter the 2016 presidential election is the most popular Democrat looking at the race compared to longtime Democratic front-runner Hillary Clinton.

Clinton is viewed favorably by a similar margin, 39 percent, but is viewed negatively by more Americans than Biden is, at 47 percent.

Trump and Clinton continue to lead their respective parties in the two early-voting states after the second GOP debate last month and ahead of the first Democratic debate next week.

In New Hampshire, Trump leads Fiorina by 5 points, 21 to 16 percent, followed by Bush at 11 percent and Sen. Marco Rubio (R-Fla.) and Carson tied at 10 points each.

The surveys of 1,061 registered voters in Iowa and 1,044 in New Hampshire were conducted September 23 to 30 with a margin of error of 3 points each.

  • sherri palmer

    Stop throwing Hillary bread crumbs, she is not in the race, she has no speech, no lead, no hope, no nothing; she should be planning for her incarceration in the big house and I do not mean the white house; she is a criminal, she is irrelevant now and forever in American politics…since when do we allow corruption as a pass to run for the presidency..! the “gap” between Hillary and anyone is non existant…she is done!

  • jerry1944

    I want vote for ether myself T Cruz are Trump but then it goes 3rd party and if the gop want to give it to killer Hillary then it there choice

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