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Q Poll: Trump’s lead in Florida widens; Clinton still on top


trump-flOct. 07–If Florida’s primary election was held today, Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton would easily win their parties’ nominations, according to a Quinnipiac University Poll released today.

Trump has 28 percent of his party’s vote, up from 21 percent in the university’s Aug. 20 poll. Carson is in second with 16 percent, Rubio has 14 percent, Bush has 12 percent, Fiorina has 7 percent and Cruz has 6 percent, according to the poll. None of the other candidates gained more than 2 percent in the poll and 10 percent of those polled were undecided.

“The generally more energized Republican party members, who backed former Gov. Bush and Sen. Rubio when they ran for office in the Sunshine State, are deserting the establishment candidates for the outsiders — specifically Trump and Carson,” said Peter A. Brown, assistant director of the Quinnipiac University Poll.

In the Democratic party, Clinton leads with 43 percent, followed by Bernie Sanders and Joe Biden, who are tied with 19 percent. Of those polled, 13 percent were undecided.

Among Democrats 13 percent said they would not vote for Clinton. Among the Republicans polled, 29 percent said they would “definitely not support” Trump.

In a general election, Clinton would top Trump 46-41 percent, according to the poll. However, the race with Bush and Rubio would be much closer with the former governor edging Clinton 44-43 percent and the Senator topping her 45-44 percent. She leads Republicans Ben Carson and Carly Fiorina by two point margins, according to the poll.


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  • the American

    Long way to election, as the others drop like flies, Trump’s support will broaden.

    • Michelle Castañeda

      I hope you are right. A lot of people have said they would never vote for Trump. Need to be praying they wake up in time.

      • the American

        They’re saying that because they think he will not be the nominee, but there’s no way true conservatives are going to vote for kil-lie-ary, socialist turd bernie or dumb as a doornail biteme…no way… I think there’s enough people that are pissed about status quo that they will vote for Trump ….we really need a change and people need to realize that!!

      • the American

        If Trump stays the course, so will his supporters, and he has nowhere to go but up…. there are still many on the fence not sure if they want to support him or not…. if they see stability in his campaign they will jump on the “make America great again” wagon…… what do the demwits have to counter? the “make America a third world country again” wagon?

      • eagle keeper

        Did you hear the latest about the Donald? He said in an interview what he thought of eminent domain. He said he was in favor of throwing people off their property in order to “build something”. Be careful in whom you put your trust when it comes time to vote.

  • Emma

    Anyone who really thinks killary can take the WH is just not bright.
    Trump will, I believe &pray, be the POTUS .

  • Lizard

    Must have taken poll from local welfare office ??? Just sayin

  • Lizard

    Somehow America has got to place Trump in White house otherwise America is done for

  • sherri palmer

    How can Hillary be on top, she doesn’t campaign and she has to go to jail with her corrupt ass; we cant have anyone like that in the office of the president…although we do have someone there who should not be there

  • Karen Rheam

    Tampa for Trump!!!!!!!!! #MakeAmericaGreatAgain

  • Michelle Castañeda

    Anyone that would would put Hilary in the WH is just not thinking. Kiss your freedoms and ass goodbye if anyone but Trump or maybe Cruz would get in there.

  • eagle keeper

    Really, Hills is on top huh? On top of what exactly? I can’t believe there that many stupid people in America. I take it back though. They elected the pos in the W.H. twice. When ignorance abounds, anything is possible.

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