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Scott Walker says he won’t run for president again as governor


Oct. 14–Gov. Scott Walker said Wednesday that he wouldn’t run for president again while serving as governor in an interview on conservativeMilwaukee talk radio.

“Oscott walkerne thing I’ve learned from this go-around is if I were to run for re-election I would clearly in my own mind, not just publicly, have to make a decision, I think I would rule out running for president at least in that term and stay committed to the end of that,” Walker said. “I think it is difficult to run your state and to run for president at the same time.”

The interview with host Charlie Sykes was Walker’s first since dropping out of the presidential race on Sept. 21 after a brief 70 days. Walker declined to comment on what fueled the collapse, other than to say “there are a lot of different factors. Obviously different candidates, different situations, different staff.”

“Instead of doing what a lot of candidates do and sit back and whine about this, that or whatever, I accept it for what it is,” Walker said.

Walker said he would like to influence the 2016 nomination, but whether he’ll endorse “remains to be seen.” He didn’t rule out running for president again, even acknowledging similarities to his short-lived 2006 run for governor that paved the path for his 2010 gubernatorial election victory.

“I’m hopeful we have a Republican president for the next eight years after this election, but after that we’ll have to see what the future holds,” Walker said.

He also said that current GOP frontrunner Donald Trump could potentially win the nomination if not enough candidates get out of the race. In his exit speech, Walker called for others to follow his lead and clear the path for a “true conservative” candidate.

Walker also weighed in on Tuesday night’s Democratic presidential debate, saying former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton was the winner, but also that he couldn’t watch the whole thing because “I don’t know that I could stomach that much time listening to that much socialism.”


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