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Jim Webb exits presidential race


Jim Webb - AP photoFormer Virginia Sen. Jim Webb announced Tuesday that he’s dropping out of the Democratic race for president:

“I fully accept that my views on many issues are not compatible with the power structure and the nominating base of the Democratic Party,” Webb told reporters at the National Press Club in Washington. The current Democratic hierarchy, he said, “is not comfortable with many of the policies laid forth, and frankly I am not that comfortable with many of theirs.”

On whether he would continue to call himself a Democrat, Webb responded, “We’ll think about that.”

“The Democratic Party is heavily invested in interest-group politics,” he said, and that could exclude groups it means to include, responding to a question about his reluctance to embrace the Black Lives Matter movement and to call on the removal of the Confederate flag from federal grounds.

In an email to reporters on Monday evening, Webb’s campaign said that he is considering running as an independent.

Webb notably broke from the rest of the Democratic field on the issue of gun control during the party’s first primary debate. Progressives view him as out-of-step with modern day Democrats, but Webb contends that the party is becoming increasingly radicalized and alienating working-class Americans and white Southern voters with its interest-heavy agenda.

  • dcwc16

    I watched the Dem debates and Webb was the only one who is a true Democrat as we used to know it. When he was allowed to speak he was intelligent and was not pandering to the crazy expectations of the Party base. Webb really would do better if he did go independent, he would at the least help save our Country from the socialists which is only natural for a vet like him. The other candidates are socialists and communists. The dem Party has been hijacked it is no longer an American Institution.

  • Charles Covington

    On the demo stage Jim Webb, was the only one that has a moral compass.

  • B24kt

    Good for Jim Webb!!! He spoke his heart & the truth of the Democratic Party behavior since Obama’s radical reign & departure from our Constitution!

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