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Donald Trump down in second Iowa poll


trumpcarsonIt looks like Quinnipiac’s latest Iowa poll wasn’t an isolated incident. Donald Trump is down in a second poll of the Hawkeye State, this time from the Des Moines Register:

Donald Trump is the biggest loser in the new Iowa Poll.

The pious Ben Carson has plowed past the braggadocious New York businessman to take the front-runner crown, unseating Trump as the most popular choice for president among likely GOP caucusgoers, the new Des Moines Register/Bloomberg Politics poll shows.

Carson, a retired neurosurgeon, is the favorite choice for 28 percent — 9 percentage points ahead of Trump’s 19 percent.


Asked which candidate they’d like to see drop out of the race, if anyone, more caucusgoers (25 percent) name Trump than any of his 14 rivals. And among both moderates and caucusgoers ages 44 or under, 36 percent would like him to quit, noted J. Ann Selzer, the pollster for the Iowa Poll.

It’s worth noting that 87 percent of Carson supporters responded they “could still be persuaded” to vote for a different candidate, compared to 78 percent of all Republicans and 67 percent of Trump supporters. However, Carson enjoys a whopping +72 favorability rating, while Trump’s came in at a completely pathetic-by-comparison +22.

Respondents also made it clear that they’re tired of the same old, same old:


Trump certainly isn’t “the same sort of person who has served as president for many decades.” But evidently he’s not doing it for Iowa.






  • harry

    I still believe that Trump is the strongest candidate and the best person for the position of president

  • the American

    Carson will not make the hard choices when it comes to illegal immigration …..Trump is the only one that will do it…. 1 poll an election does not make….

  • Ricks

    I would venture that we have trump(rock) and Carson(feather). I would rather hit my enemies with a rock. Just saying..

  • Steve Susa

    So Trump is number two in Iowa , but number one in all other polls , gee I wonder what that means, as he grows stronger the media will skew more and more to try and bring him down , it won’t work, he is the man!

  • William R


  • William R



    THIS does NOT matter. TRUMP is the ONLY one to do the job we need done. We need STRONG and HARD HITTING. NOT nice and diplomatic. TRUMP/CARSON or TRUMP/CRUZ 2016 !!!!

  • Carrie

    Iowa hasn’t chosen the winner for the last couple of elections and another thing is that the evangelicals are being somewhat hypocritical when it come to choosing Ben Carson since he’s used aborted fetuses while an intern also its the Churches that are contributing to the immigration crisis both legal and otherwise organizations such as Lutheran services and Catholic charrities have been helping illegals and relocating refugees in America, Donald Trump has the solution for the problem he’s willing to actually do something about it also I’m sick and tired of hearing that Donald Trump and or his slogan “make America great again” is racist that’s pure BS! White people are only 10 percent of the WORLDS population! So while we are still the majority in America we aren’t the majority on the global scale, the left loves to claim that poc can’t be racists because they’re a minority and therefore have no power well by that logic white people have no power on a global scale because poc are the majority on the planet! Yet we are being invaded and forced to support these invaders as though they’re our own Children by providing them with food, housing, education ,medical. Care and all other resources and they need not even asssimilate and attack our freedom and liberty our rights and our lives mean nothing to either the invaders or our politicians, this wasn’t even being talked about by any of the candidates until Donald Trump stood up for America and Americans he loves this Country and not just for its wealth and resources like the pos in the w.h. does! And Trump isn’t bought and paid for and is willing to even take on the job for free because he’s a real American. Ben Carson dosent have what it takes to run this Country properly he dosent have Trumps skill set and business experience. Just my two cents worth lol well maybe 3 cents worth.
    TRUMP 2016

  • robert

    thats ok because everyone we know doesn,t live in iowa.most of our friends who vote live in the tri state area.and our all for trump.and we take these polls with a grain of salt,we have our own medias/polls and trump is for whom we will vote.can you trust media polls ? yea like we believe hillary had nothing to do with bengazi.be your own media and research for yourselfs.because we all know the lame stream medias would never lie to us now would they.now where,s that guy who wants to sell us the brooklyn bridge,it sounds like a good deal.

  • William R


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