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Actress calls Donald Trump ‘really sickening,’ xenophobic


6938299371_b6a7f97d18At a screening of the new short film Ellis, which depicts the struggles faced by immigrants in America, actress Olivia Wilde of Grey’s Anatomy fame said that it’s “sickening” someone as xenophobic as Donald Trump is running for president:

“It made me think of the current refugee crisis,” Wilde, 31, told Page Six of the film. “[America] was a beacon of hope for so many … yet some in this country have developed this xenophobia that totally conflicts with what we’re based on.”

“The fact that we can have someone running for president who openly projects that xenophobia is really sickening, particularly when you look at a film like this and remember our roots,” she added.

Wilde’s father is Irish, and she holds dual citizenship with America and Ireland. And although she didn’t specifically name Trump as the “someone running for president,” it’s pretty darn obvious that he’s who she meant.

However, refugee crisis aside, there’s quite a difference between legally coming to America and working to make a better life for yourself and your family and illegally crossing the border to benefit off the work of others. America wasn’t built on entitlements and hand-outs; it was built on hard work in the face of adversity. But progressives like Wilde seem to forget that.


    What is sickening is that starlets and bimbos, many of them the, er, proteges of globalist bankers and plutocrats, tell us from the red carpets of Hollywood, Manhattan, Cannes and Davos that politicians who do not follow the globalist line and work to wrap the people in chains and fetters are just too, too – well, sickening. As we descend toward the Oceania of “1984” the celebrity culture is merging with the political elite and the plutocracy to form the Inner Party that will rule us with an iron hand through propaganda, surveillance and militarized international security forces.

  • Red Steiner

    Lol is this another Dim expert? I wonder what part of Ellis’s producers anatomy she’s familiar with. She’s obviously trying to promote the film, which I’m going to boycott.

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