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SHOCK: Head of US Intelligence says Obama’s backing of ISIS was deliberate


Who is to blame for the rise of ISIL?

Mehdi Hasan goes Head to Head with Michael T. Flynn, former head of the US Defense Intelligence Agency, on how to deal with ISIL and Iran.

In this Head to Head special from Washington DC, Mehdi Hasan challenges retired Lieutenant General Michael T. Flynn, on the rise of ISIL, the War on Terror, torture, and how to deal with Iran.

Flynn was the former head of the US Defence Intelligence Agency (DIA) and a commander of J-SOC, the ghost military unit whose squads hunted Al Qaeda in Iraq and Afghanistan all the way to Osama Bin Laden’s compound in Pakistan.

With no panel or audience,  Hasan asks him whether the US is to blame for creating ISIL/ISIS and whether the War on Terror has become a crusade. They also discuss torture in US bases and why Flynn is opposed to a deal with Iran.

  • Kenneth Fichtl

    Spoiled Egotist always get what they want and if they don’t they destroy it for everyone

  • Seldena

    OBAMA is the blame for ISIS. They said that themselves. He left no one in Iraq and left the door wide open for ISIS and we all know this! ISIS says he has given them the Okay to do what they wished.

  • sherri palmer

    someone finally has the balls to say it, someone agrees with me…Obama is deliberate in his actions against America!

    • cherokeeman

      Yet nobody will do anything to stop his madness.

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