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Great idea from Muslim Republican Coalition. Muslim countries should take Muslim refugees


  • uchsamin

    Get them the hell out of the USA. They can not peacefully coexist with a Christian nation. Their damned religion says kill anyone that disagrees with them. Send them over to some muslim hell hole where they can kill each other. End of problem.,…OH ya, send hillary since she loves muslim lesbians like huma abedin.

    • plum82

      DIRT BAGS, one & all……..

  • GlobalThinkTank

    I have been posting this for a while now, and I am happy to see that it is having an affect on many who read it:

    I argue about so-called Refugees, that our nation has a policy in place that does allow for citizens from other nation seeking protection from being victimized by war and terrorism to be allowed to seek political asylum and sanctuary; we would be grateful to expect this offered by any western civilization as well.

    But with asylum must come (American) indoctrination to Western predominant religious and ideology with No Exception nor Hostility to it; nor plans for creating a new law, such as Sharia Law, and absolutely no ties or plans to support a Caliphate.

    And for this, I fear we cannot allow political asylum to 10,000, let alone 100,000 or 300,000 Syrian Refugees to enter any region of the Americas; from North to South without fearing another Boston Bomber hiding among the midst.

    Recently, I received a Petition from Raymond C. Offenheiser, Board of Directors of Oxfam America Advocacy; he is looking for signatures to hand over to Obama demanding that he do his part to Bringing In 100,000 Syrian Refugees to the U.S. I don’t agree with this Petition and Request. In fact, we should look to Japan’s leader, Shinzo Abe stance on allowing NO Syrian refugees into his country in fear of National Security and potential threat and conflict to the Sovereignty of their nation over religious and ideological differences to its country and to its people.

    I say, we need to maintain the Sovereignty of the U.S. without influence for the UN nor any other nation with differing ideological differences and conflict at all.

    But I do have a Much Better Solution for the EU, and the U.S. and South America:

    Global Suggestion:

    – Create International Database on All ‘Refugees’
    – All ‘refugees’ are Given Documents of Temporary Stay until quick safe return can be made and enforced
    – Documentation is for national security and is Not A Right or Pathway To Citizenship
    – Fully Document and Identified, Finger Printed, Photographed, Etc. be placed on national security watch list
    – Minimum Temporary Social Services and or Temporary Work Permits in restricted zones, and or $15,000 for Each Family To Repatriate Immediately back To Homeland or Gulf State Resettlement to Open Business or Buy Home — Anyone Caught returning loses privileges of ever returning again.
    – Must Officially Document Whereabouts Each Month while being processed and Not Free To Roam Around to Seek Asylum
    – Temporary Documents Must Be Re-Applied Each Year in Host Country (Good for only 4 Years Maximum)
    – Must Return to safe Gulf State or Middle-Easter Home Country After Document Expiration)
    – Children Born in Host Country Are Not Permitted Pathway to Citizenship and Are Not Given Host Country National Rights, but must adopt ‘Refugee’s’ Homeland as Place of Birth Origin
    – All Refugees, including newly born Children to Host country Must Return to Homeland Once New Stable Government is Established or Gulf State Accepts them
    – Once Repatriated to Homeland Country One Can Re-Apply for Visa/Passport Work/Education Travel Permit – Lies on Applications of Place of Homeland Forfeit Right to Return to EU, US, or any other Host Country indefinitely

    The money given out to repatriate back to a Gulf State country if far less expensive that the Golden Parachute Social Services program that costs Americans a minimum of $38,000 a year to keep them here.

    I would include to say that the Following Countries must take ‘Refugees as ‘Refugees’ and or Repatriation:

    Saudi Arabia

    If you Agree with Any Part of This and or In Total, I ask you copy and Paste it Anywhere You Fee You can Spread the Message.

    Again, I am not looking to alienate, demonize, nor criminalize those who
    come seeking the American Dream; who are wiling to give up radical ideological
    ideas for American Laws and Ideas… but I am wholly and emphatically against
    Radical Extremist Socialized, UN backed Ideas that Undermine American Liberty
    and Freedom bestowed to us by our founding fathers seeking equality through our
    Constitution and for Fair Justice through the Bill of Rights.

    • plum82

      That POS scum bag muslime president is trying his best to bring us down…I hope he rots in hell…the muslim POS…….

  • cactusbob

    Having Muslim countries take the Muslim “refugees” makes good sense, but it would spoil Obama’s goal of spreading Muslims throughout the United States so Islamization can be increased here. It isn’t some noble cause, it is speeding up the destruction of our nation that motivates Obama. If that isn’t obvious, we’re lost.

  • sherri palmer

    are you aware if they come as refugees they are allowed to work…they are suppose to have ID to work, but you know Obama will fix that so no ID will be necessary…Obama is happy that they are muslims and this only allows him to achieve his agenda!

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