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The Private Sector Solves Problems – Government Exacerbates and Creates Them


The seven years of the President Barack Obama Administration have provided us with two diametrically opposite things. The government time and again failing utterly in just about everything it tries to do – economic recovery, job creation, health care, defense of our borders and our nation, budget stewardship,…. Meanwhile, the Administration and its Democrat Party keep usurping and pushing to usurp as much of the private sector as possible – to add it all to the government’s (ir)responsibility portfolio.

Which is a whiplash-inducing denial of Reality – and a recipe for continued, accelerated ruin. The private sector is where problems are solved. Government is where they are exponentially expanded – and whole new ones are created.

So as new problems arise – as they always will – let us please allow the private sector to work them out. Do NOT allow the government to “help” – as the late, extraordinarily great Ronald Reagan duly noted:

The nine most terrifying words in the English language are “I’m from the government – and I’m here to help.”

There is possibly a potential problem with a new cell phone/Wi-Fi technology – known as LTE-U. Without getting too thoroughly buried in the weeds, we cite Wikipedia:

LTE-U would allow cellphone carriers to boost coverage in their cellular networks, by using the unlicensed 5 GHz band already populated by Wi-Fi devices. T-Mobile and Verizon Wireless have indicated early interest in deploying such a system as soon as 2016.

While cell providers ordinarily rely on the radio spectrum to which they have exclusive licenses, LTE-U would share space with Wi-Fi equipment already inhabiting that band – smartphones, laptops and tablets connecting to home broadband networks, free hotspots provided by businesses, and so on.

LTE-U is intended to let cell networks boost data speeds over short distances, without requiring the user to login to a separate Wi-Fi network as they normally would.

As indicated, some major private sector entities are working to make LTE-U a reality. Some other major private sector entities are expressing some concern.

Google sent the Federal Communications Commission of the United States a 25-page protest….

The Wi-Fi Alliance and National Cable & Telecommunications Association (NCTA) also voiced opposition to LTE-U approval before more testing can be done, citing concerns that it would severely degrade performance of other Wi-Fi devices.

These major players can work out any issues that exist – together, without any government involvement whatsoever. And they absolutely should – because Sauron’s Eye is beginning to fix upon them.

ICYMI: HOUSE PANEL CONVENES SECOND LTE-U MEETING — The House Energy and Commerce Committee hosted Wi-Fi advocates and wireless and cable industry representatives for a second time Thursday in an invite-only meeting to hash out their differences over LTE-U technology, which would allow wireless carriers to offload data onto unlicensed airwaves.

Lawmakers have generally stayed out of the fight, which pits wireless carriers looking to expand network capacity against cable and tech companies that want to keep carriers from swamping Wi-Fi networks. The groups have agreed to test technical standards to ensure wireless and Wi-Fi networks can coexist peacefully, but there’s tension about who should do the testing and what it should try to prove.

“Lawmakers have generally stayed out of the fight” – music to our ears. As well they should. And as long as Congress’ majority is Republican – said song stylings will hopefully continue. But Congress is by no means the biggest potential problem.

Behold the Obama Administration’s Federal Communications Commission (FCC). Which has zero problem unilaterally grabbing power – bereft of any Congressional authorization whatsoever – to “solve” all sorts of private sector “problems” that don’t actually exist. As but one of many, many examples, see: Network Neutrality.

The FCC does in fact have a job to do in this area. The federal government holds roughly 60% of useable wireless spectrum – much of it really high-value stuff. Only the government has little idea where it is all located.fcc building

The FCC was years ago charged with mapping it – so we could then begin selling most of it to the private sector. Shocker – the FCC hasn’t yet done it. Because they have been too busy doing so many things they have no business doing. Were the FCC (and government everywhere) to do their actual jobs – many less private sector problems would arise.

Every one of these private sector entities know that they don’t want the FCC – or any other part of government – declaring for themselves a role in this LTE-U evolutionary process.

Every one of the entities knows the way to preempt that – is to solve any problem that exists. As quickly and cleanly as possible. Together – and all by themselves.

Government “help”- is the absolute last thing they need.

This is a guest post by Seton Motley President and Founder of Less Government
  • Richard Bagenstose

    just like all the wars we get into and really should not even stick our noses in them, countries have there own governments and armies so why do we need to be involved , if they need our help let them pay us, our military cost us plenty , and for us to do the job of the u.n. and nato is stupid, why do we pay them billions a year ,clinton started the destruction with nafta and getting rid of our labor laws, now we do buissness with all kind of corrupt governments, child and slave labor , witch we had strong laws against, if you speak out against oboma he puts you out of buissness , government has stuck there nose in every aspect of our lives and they have no right to ,and like star wars , the more they try to tighten there grip the more we rebel , if it wasn’t for governments i don’t know any civilized person who wants to start a war, we need police but not government , each city or town could organize there own police force maid up of it’s citizens like they did in the revolution, all government is doing today is selling us out to the highest bidder

  • Alan

    Government IS the problem! Like what might have been a great stew, it was only promising until too much salt was added. Then it became unpalatable. Time to toss it out and refine the recipe.

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