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Ted Cruz surges to top of Iowa poll


15315304221_04c6071f5d_oWith less than two months to go before the first Iowa primary, Republican presidential candidate Ted Cruz has overtaken Donald Trump in the Hawkeye State:

A Monmouth University poll said Cruz has 24 percent support among likely Republican caucus-goers in Iowa, a 14-point jump for the Texas senator since October.

Trump won 19 percent in the poll, giving Cruz a 5 percent lead that’s outside the margin of error.

Much of Cruz’s support stems from evangelical Iowans who back the conservative senator 30 percent to Trump’s 18 percent. Retired neurosurgeon Ben Carson previously led the GOP field in support among this coveted demographic, but now earns just 15 percent support among evangelicals, putting him behind Cruz, Trump, and Sen. Marco Rubio, R-Fla. (16 percent).

Cruz also carries a substantial lead among voters affiliated with the Tea Party. The freshman senator earns 36 percent support compared to Trump (20 percent), Carson (17 percent) and Rubio (11 percent).

Cruz’s rise can also be attributed, in part, to his recent endorsement from Iowa Rep. Steve King. Roughly 20 percent of Republicans in the Hawkeye State said King’s support makes them more inclined to back Cruz come Feb. 1, including 7 percent who claim King’s endorsement makes them “a lot more likely.”

Behind Trump are Rubio with 17 percent and Carson with 13 percent. Rubio, however, is the most-liked Republican candidate in Iowa, with 70 percent of voters holding a positive view of him, compared to 67 percent for both Cruz and Carson and 54 percent for Trump.

  • dan9el

    This is pure manure and was tried before by the GOP and others groups that hate Trump all the way to the last bone. Ben Carson was the key factor at the time,…now they are trying bit with Cruz,…and if this does not go well?….they will try with even Bush, or Christie….and even Fiorina,….that eager they are.

    Let’s remember something here.

    RE ; – [ Poll: Carson opens up 14-point lead over Trump in Iowa ]

    Does anyone out there is swallowing this one?

    There is a words for this – fabrication;…..others words that fit well;…alteration, disinformation / manipulation, deceptions…..more in plain every day language….lies.

    You see,..liberals and their RINOs associates are working on that.,,,,they will try to present Carson as presidential candidate from the GOP and since everyone knows the man is not match for Ms Clinton?….the lady will take presidency.

    Does anyone out there remember 2012?
    They did this maneuver with Romney back in 2012 in order to’ re-elect’ Obama.

    They were chanting Romney as to be in tight proximity to Obama,… and when the election results came out?…Obama ‘won’…so the massive vote fraud that took place was not perceived by the american populace…and they accepted the Obama re-election wining as result of ….’tight race’.

    Similar plot is taking place place now in a very crafty way….and the american electorate that do not take time to do any type of investigation / research about politicians nor about issues may be fooled once more.

    This is a plot that liberals and RINOs have.

    They will attempt anything, and everything to destroy Donald Trump for the goal is to infuse / force to the american people to accept Hillary Clinton as president….and then she will give the last mortal punch to our country.

    Let’s be simple,…here is the thing;…

    Although reality is that Donald Trump has solid support of the American electorate at large? the main stream media – periodicals, magazines. the tv tabloids ( MSNBC, CNN, C-SPAN1&2, ABC, CBS…and the rest…even a portion of FOX News Agency,…including virtually the entire sold-out GOP establishment…all of those are trying massively to undermine the truth presenting a propaganda of ‘Trump is slowing on polls’….’Trump is tight here and there, and over there’….etc, in order to disencourage the American public…in others words deception / disinformation – bloody lies are all over.

    Virtually everyone in / from the rancid sold-out RINO type GOP they all resent tremendously that an individual – DonaldTrump – (not a corrupted politician as they all are) is widely getting all the support from the average any day Joe and Jane in the country.

    The situation is so precarious that the sold-out GOP is helping on this,…. and rest assure that the RINO type establishment would prefer MS Clinton for president just to avoid Donald Trump (for they hate the man all the way to the last bone)….so they will help the liberal(libertines)-democrat sector to accomplish this……just wait for it….nobody out there should be surprised.

    Are we all clear on this?

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