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House passes $1.1 trillion omnibus spending bill


The House has passed the omnibus spending bill 316 to 113.

The $1.1 trillion omnibus spending bill effectively funds 9 of the last 12 months of the Obama agenda at higher spending levels in exchange for very little. The bill includes by virtue of not defunding it, funds for the implementation of Obamacare, executive amnesty for illegal immigrants with U.S.-born children, Planned Parenthood, the resettlement of refugees from the war in Syria and Iraq, the EPA’s war on coal and so forth.

They even managed to inexcusably reinstate the wind turbine tax credit through 2020 that had previously expired this year.

Failure to defund some of these big ticket items could have been somewhat offset by achieving smaller policy victories to limit the size and scope of government, but frankly these are very few and far between, and do not advise a yes vote for those representatives committed to reducing government’s role in the lives of the American people.

Sadly, there simply is very little in here for conservative members of Congress to hang their hats on, and Americans for Limited Government strongly opposed the bill.

Notably, this was Speaker Paul Ryan’s first and likely his only real chance to demonstrate that he was going to use the power of the purse to rein in President Obama’s rogue initiativesPaul-Ryan2-1250x650

Rather than roaring like a lion by leveraging Democrats to accept provisions that tied Obama’s regulatory hands, Ryan meekly rolled over on his back and waved a white flag, making any pronouncements in the coming year about his vision for restoring Congress’ Article One constitutional authority meaningless.

Making matters worse, at a time of heightened security concerns over terrorism and immigration in the wake of Paris and San Bernardino, Congress is considering an omnibus spending bill that includes as a provision quadrupling the number of H2-B visas for low-skilled workers.

This is as irresponsible on the security front as it is politically deaf, dumb, and blind. House Republicans cannot possibly vote to keep the gates wide open, in the process making America less secure, while also throwing Americans workers under the bus. Now is the time for House members to stand up for sanity, and reject the special interests who are selling America’s future down the river.

Instead, the House has bailed out President Obama by funding the remainder of his radical agenda.

Republican leaders in both houses of Congress could have opted to instead pass a six-week continuing resolution, and work with Republican rank and file members to put a government funding bill on the President’s desk that reflects the majority’s priorities.

A continuing resolution that extended well past Christmas could have provided the time necessary to have a sober and honest conversation about the direction of our nation.

Instead by rushing ahead, Speaker Ryan, who has made a big deal out of talking up restoring Congress’ Article One prerogatives, makes Congress’ power of the purse that much less relevant.

This is a guest post by Rick Manning President of Americans for Limited Government.


  • Charlie

    Wonder what the real reason for the republicans, that were voted into our seats of representation , to vote for more debt ? Wonder why all of the many objectionable items by the majority of U.S. citizens were funded by our republican so called representatives ? Maybe the answers are cronyism , loud whining socialist promoting the further destruction of our nation as it stood . Even if the “government” were to shut down because of the inability of our representatives to agree with the majority of citizens of our nation would of been better then funding socialist items that our federal branch has no right to fund . U.S.A. is not a socialist nation for a good reason socialism does not work and will always breaks the bank so to speak. The U.S.A. is a capitalist republic and our federal servants have lost their way by ignoring the perimeters set forth in the foundation of our laws our constitution.

  • Richard Bagenstose

    unless the people unite and wipe out every dirt bag in d.c. nothing will change, there only goal is to keep stealing as much money as they can , just show me a poor politican

  • Early Bird

    Meet the new slave masters of America, our government. We want to spend more money of every dream cause we can think of, and you America are going to fund it. Quadruple the H1B program, bring in more migrants and no new vetting process, finance the resettlement of all the people that wander across the So. Border until 2018, and more great goodies.

  • Robert Pekarik

    Write, email, call your republican representatives who voted for this fiasco and let them know that we will not vote them in ever again. Why do we need a two party system? Are they all positioning themselves for the eventual communist/marxist government that they really want to transform America into?
    If there are any true Americans left in our nation we really need to march on Washington DC, surround the White House and refuse to leave until the entire kabul of corrupt to the core elitist government officials resign, starting with the president and his anti-American administration.

  • Seldena

    All TRAITORS to me! Trump, not a bought Politician! TRUMP 2016!!

  • cae973

    Come on people..Ryan is just another Boehner..get petitions started to remove him then vote him out of congress next time he s up for election…time to vote the rhinos out!!!

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