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Poll: Which GOP candidate is best on Obamacare?


No to Obamacare

Obamacare arguably won the Republican Party control of Congress in 2014, but it’s taken a back seat to other more pertinent issues in the 2016 presidential race. Nevertheless, it’s important to know where the candidates stand on healthcare — and who has the best policy position.

  • Seldena

    Trump WILL do as he says!!

  • zoehoney

    One person says Trump will do what he says…..how do you know that? The only candidate that has actually followed through on fighting for our rights is TED! He consistently votes for principal-our rights and for the people of this country. Ted is NOT an OBAMA puppet like all the rest. Trump is a blow hard- out of control money hungry hot head with NO experience. He has donated to the Dems PLENTY (look it up) He favors land confiscation too. I do not trust him at all. CRUZ 2016 PRESIDENT MIKE LEE VP! WHAT A TICKET THAT WOULD BE.

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