And the cartoon of the year is…


Without a doubt, our most popular posts are the Branco cartoons. But we wanted to know: which cartoon is the best? We rounded up some of the most provocative ‘toons, and asked our readers to vote on which they thought was the best. Hundreds voted, and one cartoon emerged above all.

Your CRN Cartoon of the Year is…

Millennial Safe Space:




Thanks to everyone who voted!

  • jngtelco

    History repeats itself, some how the collage kids need more than the men their age that defend this country.

  • Brad Jones

    Generation Butt Hurt should take a lesson from the Greatest Generation of WWII.

    • Tids1960

      The problem is… the generation of butt hurt have been chemically attacked by vaccines, food and water that have caused them to be more feminine… And that’s not even mentioning the dumbing down of Americans

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