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Results: Which GOP candidate is best on gun rights?


It’s time to reveal the results for all those presidential candidate polls hundreds of you answered last week. First: thank you to everyone who participated — the results will help us to hone our posts and make Conservative Republican News a better experience for all our readers. Now, onto the results!

Today we reveal the results for the gun rights poll. Far and away, you all chose Sen. Rand Paul as the 2016 Republican presidential candidate with the best gun rights policy. Second place went to Ted Cruz, and third to Donald Trump.

Screen Shot 2015-12-29 at 10.44.04 AM

As you can see, this really was no contest for Sen. Paul. Again, thanks to everyone who voted! Tomorrow we’ll reveal the results for who you think has the best immigration policy.

  • Bill Petro

    I don’t believe the poll! Rand Paul is a Libraterian, not a true Republican!! He has NO FOREIGN
    POLICY!! He is just as bad as his Dad was! Wake up America, Paul has no chance of winning
    the presidency! A vote for him is a vote for Hillary!!!

    • Mike N

      I doubt that poll was very scientific. If a candidate is pro second amendment how can he be rated lower of higher than another candidate that is pro second amendment?

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