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Results: Which GOP candidate is best on immigration?


Last week, we asked you who you believe, out of the Republican presidential field, has the best immigration policy. And even though billionaire business mogul Donald Trump is the one making the most headlines re: immigration policy, he came in at third behind Sen. Rand Paul, who took a whopping 65% of the vote, and Sen. Ted Cruz, who won 20% of the vote.

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Thanks to everyone who voted! Tomorrow, we’ll reveal who you chose as the candidate with the best national security policy/response to terrorism.

  • John Chism

    It’s obvious your site is bias toward Rand Paul followers who think giving Amnesty to law breakers and increases of Visas is good for America.

  • johnright61

    Come on!!!!! Trump and Cruz are better than Paul on Immigration, tough but better. Trump pretty much says, what all the other candidates, on both sides, don’t have the guts to say and most of the voters in America want to hear.

  • Seldena

    That is against the law for ILLEGALS what Rand Paul wants. they are criminals!! You do not reward a person for breaking the law!!

  • bobwhite

    What a load of Bee Ess!

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