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Results: Which GOP candidate is best on terrorism?


National security and the war against terrorism, specifically the brand of terrorism being spread by ISIS, has become and front-and-center issue not only in the 2016 presidential election, but across the world this year. Despite what Barack Obama believes, radical Islamic terrorism is the foremost threat to the planet.

That being said, who among the Republican presidential candidates has the best national security policy? We asked, and our readers chose Sen. Rand Paul (63%), followed by Sen. Ted Cruz (18%), and Donald Trump (15%).

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Thanks to everyone who voted! Tomorrow, we’ll reveal the results for which GOP candidates has the best healthcare policy.

  • Gary Smith

    How did Paul get so many votes?

    • Because he has a HUGE popular following!

      • John Chism

        Only on this site. Everywhere else he’s on the bottom in the poll’s. If you think less than a thousand is “HUGE” you live in a bubble.

      • John Chism

        Correction. Less than 600.

  • John Chism

    Have to say it again…your polls are Rand Paul readers Bias. Must be your Libertarian majority opinionated readersship that’s far from the title of being Conservative. If you scan your own Reviews then Ted Cruz would be on top of every poll you take. Instead you get Rand Paul with higher polls. Even Trump is better than Paul on these issues by your Reviews. You have foxes in your hen house.

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